Is there a way to get a new port?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by nicoleperozzo, Jan 18, 2016.

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    I'm not very tech savvy at all, so please forgive me if I sound incredibly ignorant. In a moment of clumsiness, I dropped my macbook onto the floor while going to pick it up. So far, it still runs smoothly. My audio and charger ports still work fine, however the USB port has become warped. I had a wireless mouse plugged into one of them, which got stuck. I was able to get it out, and both usb ports seem to be askew. So, I was wondering if I were to take it somewhere, is there anyway I can get a new port put in? Is this at all possible?
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    IIRC the ports are part of the logic board. You'd have to replace the board.
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    For what? Not to put "words in your mouth" but usually when someone suggests this in one of these threads it turns into a suggestion to try to pull the wool over Apple's eyes and try to claim warranty. The physical damage will be evident to anyone that pays attention and any thoughts of claiming it on warranty will be out the window. The only recourse is to suck it up and pay to have it repaired, either at Apple or at a certified repair center, and say goodbye to any warranty on that system.

    Fortunately, on the Early 2015 13" Retina the USB ports are part of an I/O board, not integrated to the logic board. I'm looking at an exploded view of the system as I type this, on Apple's repair site for AASPs.
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    Typically, how much does getting it repaired cost? If there isn't an exact price, give me a ballpark figure. Just want to know how much to expect.
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    Well to get a diagnosis/quote/repair for starters...

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