Is there some compatibility issue with 3rd party USB-C adapters with 2016 MacBook?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by kubaw, Jun 1, 2016.

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    So I've decided to purchase a shiny new MacBook 12" for my wife. Being an adventurous guy I was hoping to find some better USB-C to multi-whatever accessory then official one (79$ for HDMI+power+single USB when my wife needs at least two USB ports was a no-go).

    My first attempt was HooToo Shuttle. But before ordering I came across this review:

    And it seems it works with 2015 version only indeed (there is a brief mention in product description).

    Looking at other product one can see that these either specify that their purpose is 2015 version (, some say nothing about it (ützt-Retina-MacBook-Chromebook/dp/B01D8EVB9S/). There are even products which (despite being evidently the same) are advertised as either 2015 or as 2016 compatible:®-3-1 Hub-Charger-2015 Google-Chromebook/dp/B01BSIYH10/ (however note in answers it says its 2016 compatible anyway).

    I must admit I am quite surprised. I read MacRumors on the regular basis. I follow AnandTech etc. I recall no mention of USB-C in MacBook in 2016 being incompatible to the one of 2015. I recall no official information nor review on this. Now it seem there is some issue after all. The only somehow relevant information I googled is this one: It suggests that Apple had to update its own accessories for 2016 USB-C.

    Does anybody know what is going on? I don't want to be forced to purchase original accessories only. But I don't want to risk purchasing incompatible stuff.

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    It looks like Apple made some changes, likely to conform to updated USB 3.1 guidelines. One of the issues with USB-C is that it has very complex power delivery standards, so third party accessories, particularly cheap knockoffs, don't always work reliably. That said, we are seeing more accessories from more reputable sources, and they will be more likely to get updates to deal with compatibility issues.
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