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  1. janeauburn

    iPhone 15/Plus iPhone USB-C loose - saw this coming

    Yup, I always said the USB-C port is a disaster vs. the secure and reliable lightning connector. Now it's confirmed: USB-C sucks. The connection is fragile at best: Mine is the same. Thanks, EU. You forced an inferior port on all of us. Horrible.
  2. D

    iPhone 15 Pro Max Thunderbolt 4 hubs work on iPhone 15 Pro Max

    TLDR: I plugged seven devices including a display and three drives to the iPhone. Woah. Connection Tree So today I decided to find the limits of the USB-C port on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and in the process made interesting discoveries. Why I tried that I was looking for a USB-C hub that has...
  3. T

    iPhone 15 Pro Max Record anything else besides pro-res to USB-C connected device?

    I have a Sandisk iXand usb-C thumb drive that amazingly enough is fast enough to work with my new iPhone 15 Pro Max when recording Prores video. I would love to be able to record standard non-ProRes video and photos directly to the drive. Are any of these other formats supported?
  4. T

    Unable to setup AppleID and Yubikey

    Hi folks, I have purchased two Yubikeys 5C NFC and tried to link them to my Apple ID on my iPad Pro through USB-C. Followed all the instructions (Settings/AppleID/Security/2FA/Add security keys) but I keep getting an error when it tries to "register" the Yubikey as a security key, saying that...
  5. S

    CarPlay CarPlay Head Units with fast charging USB-C?

    Is there any brand of head unit or car model with CarPlay that outputs 27W or 30W USB-C for fast charging?
  6. P

    PSA: The USB-C Android Razer Kishi 2 controller works with iPhone 15

    Hello! Wanted to share my findings about this somewhere since I no longer post on Reddit. I have both the USB-C and Lightning versions of the Razer Kishi 2 controller, and have been curious if the USB-C version will work with the iPhone 15 despite not having any kind of MFi certification. I...
  7. MarckyG

    Cable Charger compatibility (Apple included)

    So I saw Apple has new braided USB-C cables! But the 1m cable is just 60W instead of 100W... Now, hypothetically... What if I only want to carry around one charger and one cable for iPhone, iPad and Mac... What if I use the shorter 1m braided 60W cable with a 96W charger and my MacBook Pro...
  8. peneaux

    USB-C to iPhone 13 mini

    What are the chances of buying a replacement USB-C port for iPhone 15 when it comes out in places like iFixIt and swapping with the Lightning port from the iPhone 13 mini? Thoughts?
  9. E

    iPhone 15/Plus USB-C iPhones seem not to be compatible with some USB-C cables

    There were rumors before the release of iPhone 15 which say that Apple made the iPhone's USB-C port only accept MFI USB-C cables, while after the release, I didn't find any clarification about this rumor. So I opened the Apple Store app, where Apple sells third-party accessories including USB-C...
  10. RDowson

    Other iPhone 15 Pro Questions

    Hi! Hopefully someone can help answer a couple of questions I have about the iPhone 15 Pro: 1. If I buy a 10Gbps USB-C cable, is that going to make the iPhone 15 Pro setup much quicker since I will be restoring from an encrypted backup on my MacBook Pro? 2. If the answer to question 1 is yes...
  11. tekfranz

    Other iPhone 15 Recommendations for Lightning to USB-C Adapters?

    It seems like it would be handy to re-purpose lightning cables for USB-C. Are there are any inexpensive and reliable adapters available?
  12. A

    using USB-C hub to connect monitor but only share one screen/app, not complete desktop

    Hi, Sometimes for work, i need to share my screen. Like a word document, PDF document, specific website. Only thing is, i only want to share 1 screen, and not my whole desktop Same as in MS team, you have to option to share you whole desktop or just 1 app. Is this also possible if i want to...
  13. ApplesAreSweet&Sour

    Other Saudi Arabia makes USB-C mandatory for electronic devices ahead of iPhone 15

    Now it’s no longer just the E.U. Now we just need some big fines going Apple’s way when they inevitably bastardize it with some new MFi none-sense. We’re probably going to get USB 2.0 speeds from all our current USB-C to USB-C and...
  14. Starfinity

    27" LED Cinema Display to Mac Studio

    I'm upgrading from a 2013 Mac Pro to the new M2 Ultra Mac Studio and I have 2 27" LED Cinema Displays that I want to keep. In theory it should be as easy as connecting Mini DisplayPort to USB-C converters between the displays and the Mac Studio, but someone in another forum said that for...
  15. D

    SSD performance in Docking Station much lower than expected

    I have a Sabrent DS-SC4B Docking Station connected to my Mac Studio via USB-C. In it there are 2 SSDs and 2 HDDs, which I previously used in my old 2010 Mac Pro. I expected the drives to perform better in the new enclosure since they are now connected via SATA 3, while before it was SATA 2 in...
  16. pauldc79

    M1 Pro Can it do HDR via USB-C to USB-C

    Can the MacBook Pro m1 pro do HDR via USB-C to UBC-C input on an external screen so far I've only got HDR to work with a USB-C to HDMI are there any limits on MacBook? It seems the screen Im testing can do HDR from a Windows laptop.
  17. D

    Is it worth buying Apple usb-c to lightning cables?

    The cable that came with my iPhone 11 is broken and I need a new one, not only for charging but also for backups to my Mac. Because of the backups I am interested in (data) reliability, otherwise I'd certainly buy a much cheaper third party cable. Is there a difference? Can third party cables...
  18. D

    MacBook Pro insists on charging FROM my mobile devices using USB-C

    Macbook running 12.6.3 but this has been a problem forever. Did a full reinstall and had the same experience. Using a USB-C cable, I directly plug in a phone or a battery pack into my Macbook which is 1) fully charged and 2) plugged into the wall. The MacBook says "hey, a cell phone? I better...
  19. T

    USB-C multitouch trackpad for iPad Pro

    For a specific use case, I would need a USB-C multitouch touchpad for iPad Pro. Does anyone know if there are any other options than the Magic Trackpad using wired USB connection? Apple documentation is not clear whether such device must be MFi-compliant, or if a generic multitouch touchpad...
  20. P

    iPad New Apple Pencil 1 - solely with USB-C connector

    I recently bought an iPad (10th gen) and plan to buy an Apple Pencil. Does Apple plan to release a new version of the 1st gen Apple Pencil with solely a USB-C connector? I think having a lightning to USB-C adapter with the actual 1st gen Apple Pencil is very inelegant for the 10th gen iPad...