1. H

    If Apple implements MagSafe with data transfer...

    What kind of speeds are we looking at?
  2. EzisAA

    CalDigit SOHO DOCK SD+microSD real life speed

    Hi, what you can say about CalDigit SOHO Dock card reader... does it work in full speed when you use both readers SD + micro SD or speed go down like a most off card readers? Basically I planing move from UHS-I cards to UHS-II so i need fast dual card reader, CalDigit SOHO looks good, but...
  3. SMGreenfield

    Safe to use 96W USB-C power adaptor for MagSafe2 2015 15” MacBook Pro

    My friggin’ cat has chewed through my MacBook Pro power cable for the THIRD TIME! My MacBook Pro is a mid-2015 15” Retina, which takes a MagSafe2 connector. The standard Apple power brick for this model is 85W (18.5v / 4.6A). I’ve had this idea that I could use one of the newer Apple USB-C...
  4. aevan

    How do MBP USB-C/TB ports stack to iPhone/iPad chargers?

    I am curious, and I can't seem to find the info - when you plug in your iPhone or iPad in your Mac, it gets charged. It's hard for me to estimate how fast this is (I usually leave them overnight anyway) but I'm curious. Is it closer to those old 5W chargers or to the new 20W ones. I'm talking...
  5. J

    MBP '19: SD card reading issues

    I've been having trouble reading SD cards with my Macbook Pro (15", 2019, MacOS 11.4). It doesn't have a built-in card reader, so I use a USB-C hub with card slot, and also a USB SD card reader, which I use with a USB adapter. I've had intermittent problems for a long time, where SD cards...
  6. Z

    Laptop Cooling Pad USB-C connection issues

    My Macbook Pro with all USB-C ports won't accept any cooling fan with a USB-C Male end. I know they all work because I've used all the ports for other things and still do. But for some reason, they don't like cooling pads. The only option I found that seems to work is this USB-A with two male...
  7. T

    Model A2560 USB-C to Lightning cable? (MagSafe Duo)

    So I’ve suspected that I might have come across a fake MagSafe Duo. I’ve checked out with Apple Support the serial number of it which seems to be fine BUT when I ran it’s cable (Lightning to USB-C) through 3utools, I got that it’s legit, having the model type A2560. There is nothing on Google...
  8. I

    USB-C Monitor just for charging (when using second computer on the monitor)

    Hey, I've not found any helpful thread now, so here's my question: I'm using a MacBook Pro 16" base model and a Dell U2720Q for my private stuff. As I'm in home office now, I have my Dell Desktop PC connected to the Monitor too. I already have Logitech Mouse an Keyboard connected to both, so I...
  9. K

    Installing macOS Big Sur on external drives

    Is anybody else facing issues running 11.2.2 from external drives? I am trying to install 11.2.2 on an external flash disk. I have a Samsung DUO Plus and a SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive. The SanDisk was running Catalina and I tried to update it to Big Sur via the App Store but it get's stuck at...
  10. jent

    Question about connection protocol for USB-C monitors

    I recently bought a new monitor (an LG 27UK850-W 27" 4K UHD IPS Monitor) and one of the connection options is USB-C, which I'm using on my MacBook Pro. In System, it describes the external monitor connection type as "Thunderbolt/DisplayPort," and I'm using the USB-C-to-USB-C...
  11. J

    USB-C hub BEEPING sound: "usb accessories disabled"

    My Hyperdrive Thunderbolt usb-c hub has suddely stopped working. Lots of info out there regarding the error message "usb accessories disabled/using too much power, etc".....odd thing is that the hub emits a quiet beepig sound when plugged in. I have not been able to find any threads relatinng to...
  12. Spooner83

    Multiple usb-c ports?

    Hi, is there a hub or dock with multiple usb-c ports? I only have 2 on my MacBook Air but I use multiple usb-c devices. I can't find any online. Thanks!
  13. blizzforte

    How to move folders from PC to iPad Pro without Wifi?

    I would like to transfer folder with files inside of them without using Wifi, just USB-C. I tried iTunes, but there it only moves files from single folders to the Photos app. You can't make folder structures and the process is very, very slow, compared to normal moving from let's say a HDD to...
  14. davidcafor

    Recommended SSD external case with USB-C?

    Hi guys! I'm waiting for my new M1 Mac Mini and I'm strugling with the last shoppings. I've a 1Tb Samsung Internal SSD in my windows PC and I'm looking for an external SSD case with USB-C to use it with the Mac Mini and the iPad Pro as my main photography disk. Do you recommend any resistant...
  15. D

    MacBook Pro 16/Air M1 external USB-C screen turning black - NEC EA271U

    Hey everyone! I just bought new monitor for my home office setup - NEC EA271U and have some serious issues with it when trying to use USB-C connection. When it is plugged in it charges the computer just fine, displays screen for about 10s and turns black/no signal, while it is still visible in...
  16. L

    External Storage Really Slow?

    On my iMac 5K (2017) my USB-C connected 1 TB NVMe drive would do 900/930 MB/s write/read on Catalina. On Big Sur, it got down to like 30 MB write speed. I took that same drive, formatted as APFS, and connected to my M1 MacBook Air, I'm getting 15 MB/s writes. Best read is 500 or so. Anyone...
  17. haralds

    Looking for known working USB-C/T3 adapter for Mini displayport Cinema Display

    Got the new M1 and trying to connect to an Apple Cinema Display with its Mini DisplayPort, The USB-C adapter from Apple is rejected. Does anybody have a known good solution?
  18. odHbo

    HomePod HomePod mini Plugged into Mac? (USB-C)

    Did Apple make the HomePod Mini with USB-C so it could also plug into a Mac? I'm just wondering, could there be some feature advantages to doing that? I find the USB-C connection w/ separate power block an odd choice for a device that is intended to just sit and remain in one spot for the...
  19. B

    Smallest usb-c brick charger?

    Hey i am looking for the smallest usb-c brick charger: With 2 ports Only 1 port If you have any model's suggestion, free feel to share it, thanks Thanks
  20. glawrie

    MP 1,1-5,1 Advice on USB-C / PCI-e solution for MacPro 5,1

    I have a moderately updated 5,1 Mac Pro - currently with a generic USB3 PCI-e card providing four additional fast USB ports. I now need to connect a USB-C device to the machine. I am not sure whether it is better to use a USB-A to USB-C converter plug or to add an additional (or replacement)...