1. A

    USB-C Hub gets very hot on MacBook Pro 2020

    I just got the new MacBook Pro 2020 (4-ports version) and with that, the Dodocool 8-in-2 USB-C hub. I am seeing that the hub heats up very quickly and after an hour or so, it feels really hot. I am worried that it may damage my MacBook. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. DogHouseDub

    Charging solution for older MacBook Pro

    Wanted to share that the combination of: Satechi 108W USB-C charger plus USB-C to MagSafe cable charges my 2015 MacBook Pro like a champ. I was previously unsuccessful with a 45W Anker USB-C charger. Since the cable is what always fails (for me) on the Apple charger this is an ideal...
  3. N

    Various charging profiles accepted by MacBook 12?

    Is there a page where I can find out the various input charging profiles the MacBook will accept? I am specifically after few cheaper third party chargers such as from Lenovo, HP and Dell. Apple MacBook "Core m3" 1.2 12" 2017
  4. abbeyroad1969

    Mac mini video to usb-c monitor

    Hi I have a Samsung monitor (Samsung LC34H890WJUXEN) which has 3 ports: * HDMI * DisplayPort * USB-C I already use the HDMI and Displayports for other devices, switching between them as needed. Is it possible to connect a mac mini 2018 using the USB-C port on the monitor connected to a...
  5. NavySilver

    iPad Pro External hard drive keeps dropping connection?

    After two unfruitful communications with Apple’s support staff (who I assume are working from home), it dawned on me that at this point, I need people at MacRumors’ support for this issue. I have an iPad Pro 2018 updated to 13.4, which means that powered by the USB-C port, I should be able to...
  6. DeanLubaki

    LG UltraFine 4K and 5K: Yes you can connect it to Windows computers via DP!!!

    Hello everyone, I have owned the LG Ultrafine 4k for a few days, since the COVID-19 pandemic made work from home mandatory for most Canadians. I love the display, but was struggling to connect it to my work laptop (which doesn’t have USB-C). After hours of research, 7 different adapters, I...
  7. J

    MBP '19: sometimes need to restart to mount USB drives

    I've been having this issue where external drives sometimes don't mount, but do after restart. My MBP is USB-C (no regular USB ports), and I'm using a USB-C hub/adapter. Wondering if it's the hub that's causing it? Before restarting, I've tried unplugging and re-plugging, both the drive and...
  8. E

    iPad Pro Connecting 11" model to Macbook with USB-C, as external storage

    Hi guys, I would like to know if it is possible to connect iPad Pro 11" to the latest MBP with USB-C. I don't want to go through iTunes or Finder's sync menu, I just want to drag and drop files between computer and iPad. Has anyone tried this? Two more things Seems like the USB-C cable...
  9. danhoo

    Mac mini to iMac display issue

    I've got a recently purchased Mac mini connected to an old iMac via a USB-C-to-miniDisplayPort cable. Everything works fine except for when I first power the Mac mini on -- the iMac briefly shows the Apple logo, and then the screen goes dark. To actually see the video, I have to disconnect and...
  10. I

    Logitech MX Keys Advanced Illuminated Wireless Keyboard

    Saw this listed by a retailer before they took down the listing. This looks like a decent, upcoming keyboard with illuminated keys, USB-C charging, and support for up to three device switching, so you can easily jump from Mac to iPhone to iPad. Logitech MX Keys Advanced Illuminated Wireless...
  11. T

    iPad Pro DJ Audio Splitter

    Hallo, i‘ve got a App, which allows me to have 2 different Music Players. Now I Need something like an audio Splitter to use the first music player for the speakers in a dancing school and the secound music player in the app for my headphones. So the one song can be played with the speakers and...
  12. henryseiden

    When does "Deep Sleep" occur in MBPr 2017

    When will this model go into Deep Sleep from the time you enter Sleep mode (⌘ menu>Sleep)? I am having a problem waking a certain monitor on my dock from sleep and want to test the time like I experience in an over night situation while I actually observe the issue. Running OS 10.14.5 (Mojave)...
  13. EEzycade

    HELP! Can't use monitor with 2018 MBP-wifi antenna issue

    So I recently discovered that my Satechi usb-c dongle(it's usb 3.0 signal) is interfering with my wifi connection. I heard a rumor that this was an issue, and then realized it was happening to me. Now I can't use my dongle because it makes my internet super slow and cuts out often. I can't use...
  14. macduke

    iPad Pro iPad OS Drive/SD Card Test

    MAJOR EDIT: I have conducted my own test now. The setup: iPad Pro 2018 12.9" USB-C to USB-A adapter cable An old, cheap USB-A 3.0 four port hub Sony UHS-II USB-A SD card adapter Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB 300MB/s card exFAT G-Drive 5400 RPM 2TB External Drive exFAT Samsung T5 2TB SSD exFAT I...
  15. Sverkel

    MacBook Pro 2016 USB problem

    Hello. 7 days ago I shut down my 2016 MacBook Pro with the touchbar, because I was going on a trip with my company. Today i'm back home and wan't to turn on my MacBook Pro again. The machine boots up as usual but when I plug in my charger or any other USB-C/Thunderbolt device it does nothing...
  16. E

    Budget monitor ideas to use with a Macbook

    Hello, I've spent the last few days searching for a monitor to use at home with my Macbook, but couldn't come to a conclusion. I am going to mainly use it for programming. Would appreciate if you guys could help me with some suggestions. The specs that I'm looking for, are: curved...
  17. S

    Current Best Value 4K USB-C Monitor w/>85W Power Delivery?

    I'm hunting for a monitor to use with an incoming standing desk. All the threads I've found on here were over a year old, and most of the articles I've seen were targeted at gamers or creative professionals. I'm neither of those, but I am looking for a USB-C monitor that will charge my 2018 15"...
  18. SipriusPT

    Windows 10 freezes when a USB-C video adapter is connected

    Hello everyone, I have an iMac with an external monitor (Dell u2719dc), who works fine under MacOS through USB-C, but when I try to use it in Windows 10, that OS simply freezes and after ~30 seconds, reboots. Any of you knows what can be, or how it can be solved? If you need more information...
  19. B

    Buy The 18w or 30w USB-C Power Adapter?

    So having a hard time deciding which adapter to buy for my Iphone XS for fast charging, been reading about how the iPhone XS and iPhone XR will only draw a maximum of 18 watts? Any difference between the two? Charging speeds?
  20. B

    Which USB-C accessories work with the new iPad?

    Just upgraded from an iPad 2 to a 12.9" Pro. It's been quite the upgrade (duh) but I've heard that the number of accessories that work with the USB-C port are pretty limited. What are some USB-C accessories you guys have tried that you've had success with?