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  1. pascalfrencken

    Use Apple Studio Display with Lenovo ThinkPad L14?

    My work provide me with a Lenovo ThinkPad L14 Gen 2 (model 20X6) laptop. It has both a USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 and USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 port that support DisplayPort 1.4. I was expecting that when I hook this laptop up to my Apple Studio Display with a Thunderbolt 4 cable, it would work. But it doesn't. The...
  2. W

    macbook pro 2017 left usb-c does not work even after replacement?

    I just replaced the usb-c -2 port assembly on the left side of my macbook pro 2017 because it wasn't working and the computer would not sleep without losing power. The same thing is happening even after the replacement. I already tried a complete wipe of the hard drive and replaced the...
  3. trusso

    Multiple Power Supplies (via Dock Expansion and Monitor)

    I am ordering an M1 Air that I intend to plug into an OWC ThunderBay and a Dell 4K monitor. Both the ThunderBay and the 4K monitor provide power through USB-C (up to 85W and 65W, respectively). I understand there is/has been an (older?) Apple support article stating that the Mac will only take...
  4. brosenz

    100W Dual USB-C Port Charger: Choetech or Anker?

    My biggest concern is quality of the device to ensure the safety of the laptop. I am planning to use it with a 2021 MacBook Pro 16. I am worried that Amazon no longer sells Choetech, I don't know if it is for quality reasons. I like the Choetech better, but Anker is a very reputable brand as...
  5. 5

    When is apple releasing a thunderbolt 3 port apapter?!

    It’s ridiculous, I’m a producer/video editor and need more ports on my MBP M1 Pro max. Unless I spend $1600 on a display then only I can get 4 more ports. We need a 4 port adapter for MacBooks And not lame after market OWC brands
  6. Ompopo

    Trying to connect a Nikon Coolscan III to a 16" Macbook Pro M1 with SCSI->USB A cable + USB-C hub. I need help.

    Hiya :) So my father have a lot of old dias images and negatives that he wants to scan and get onto his new M1 Pro MacBook Pro 16". He is not the most tech savvy, but buys a machine so he can have it for years. Which I'm sure will be the case with the M1 Pro as this is technically more than he...
  7. N

    Activate USB-C monitor during boot?

    I own a MacBook Pro from 2017 which originally cost $3,000 direct from Apple. In October, the TSA was doing a random search of by bags during travel and stepped on my MacBook. Despite a clear footprint, they claimed they received it that way. In either case, the left-most 3" and bottom-most 2"...
  8. synthetiq

    M1 MacBook Pro & USB-C to Serial

    Hello! I am receiving a new 2021 M1 MacBook Pro tomorrow and would like to start prepping for setup. I currently have a 2017 MacBook Pro and from time to time I need to configure networking devices via serial port (sometimes DB9, mostly RJ45). Right now I try to use Royals TSX with this Cable...
  9. A

    MBP M1 Pro usb accessories disabled prompt when connecting a display using USB-C

    I have the MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021, M1 Pro) and I have it connected to the ProArt Display PA329CV. If I connect the laptop to the display, it works fine and there are no issues. However, if the Mac goes to sleep and then I wake it up, I see a notification saying "usb accessories disabled"...
  10. N

    M1 Max MacBook Pro fast charging downstream devices via USB-C

    Hey everyone! I recently got a 16" M1 Max MacBook Pro and one of my favorite features I didn't realize I would get is fast-charging my iPhone via USB-C to Lightning from the MacBook Pro. This leads to my question: Does anyone here know what the maximum charging wattage for downstream devices...
  11. sbn

    MBP 16" M1 Max - can it run on 65W/90W PD from monitor without discharging the battery?

    While I'm waiting for my new 16" M1 Max MBP which replaces my current 2015 iMac 5K and 2018 15" MBP, I'm also looking for a new monitor solution and want something with built in USB-C power delivery. However, most monitors on the market only delivers 65W over USB-C (except from a few HP Z...
  12. privaterbok

    All the USB-C charger Apple made in one photo

    Did a garage cleanup, I found I got all the chargers from Apple: 18w(iPad Pro 2018) 20w(homepod mini) 29w(12 MacBook 2015) 30w(MacBook Air M1) 61w(MacBook Pro 13 2020) 67w(MacBook Pro 14 2021) 87w(MacBook Pro 15 2016) 96w(MacBook Pro 16 2019) 140w(MacBook Pro 16 2021) Most old devices are...
  13. Geohord

    iPhone X First iPhone with USB-C on sale

    Just to let you know that the first iPhone with USB-C is on sale, black iPhone X 64GB. I'm not affiliated or anything, just to let you know of the opportunity. World's First USB-C iPhone Selling the World's First USB-C iPhone
  14. uBetchya

    Best Thunderbolt 4 USB-C Docking Station Solution?

    I've used a variety of USB-C docking station solutions for my M1 MacBook Pro, and unfortunately, I have been having constant issues with them. The OWC Thunderbolt 3 docking station was one that I've had the fewest issues with, but they ultimately breakdown after a couple months of usage. One of...
  15. majortom67

    Monterey public beta 9 & USB-C external drive

    Hi, I have an external Samsung EVO 970 (nvme) in an external box with a Jmicron USB-C to NVME adapter and is not available at all. Neither via Terminal is visible. Works like a charm (although slow speed due to M1s slow USB performance) on Big Sur. This is not a problem, now, as I'm on Big Sur...
  16. F

    MP 1,1-5,1 Sonnett Allegro USB-C PCIe card (USB3C-2PM-E) in MacPro3,1

    has anyone used this card in a MP3,1 with a Tbolt 2 adapter running Mavs?
  17. Johnny Steps

    Lightning to Headphone Jack - Audio levels sound different to iPad Pro USB C Adapter

    Last night I received a pair of Etymotic ER2SE IEMs and I hooked them up to the lightning adapter and iPhone 13 Pro (fresh install few days ago) and I noticed that at 50% volume, they sound low. I then tried them at the same volume but with the Apple USB C 3.5mm adapter on my 2018 iPad Pro and...
  18. Hudzilla95

    Which USB "end" will be on the Series 7 watch charger?

    Will it stay as USB-A or will they finally transition to USB-C...? I'm hoping they finally go full USB-C.
  19. T

    Charging power with usb-c?

    Hi, #1 Is it really so, that there's no cable, that you could get 2,4A from Apple's own usb-a charger to iPad Air 4(2020), which has usb-c? #2 No matter what cable you use, it will always cut the current to 1,4A, because Apple's usb-a chargers aren't PD compatible? #3 Is there any PD...
  20. E

    Faint horizontal static on external display with MacBook Pro 2020 (Intel) with 4 TB3 Ports

    Hardware : - Intel MacBook Pro 13 2020 with 4 TB3 Ports - 2 Dell S2421HN External Monitors - Purgo Dual HDMI USB C Hub - HDMI Cables that came with monitor Software : MacOS Big Sur 11.5.1 Issue : I am noticing faint horizontal static that moves vertically upwards. They look something...