is this UPS good for a mac pro

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by hoefler, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Oct 10, 2010
    I never owned a UPS som not really sure what to look for or what to avoid buying. I have a 6 Core mac Pro with 8GB memory and everybody is recommending i buy a UPS.

    unfortunately i don't have a large budget. i found this UPS and costs only 70Euro's, does anybody know if this is has good specs / brand quality...etc
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    first off a 600va unit can handle about 350 watts. a 2010 6 core pulls that much wattage routinely. So the answer is no the unit is very under powered so much under powered it will do more harm then good.

    Here are the technical specs for your pick pulled from your link

    OverviewDescriptionTechnical specificationsSupportUPS 600VA
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    Capacity: 600VA or 360W >>>>>>>>>>> See only 360 watts far under powered!!!!!!!!!!!
    Input voltage: 220 VAC ±25%
    Input Frequency: 50 Hz±5.0Hz
    Wave form: modified sine wave >>>>>>>>>>>>> pure sine wave is considered to be better!!!!!
    Battery: 1x 12V 7Ah
    Backup time: 10..15 minutes for 1 computer
    Recharge time: 8 hours (90% charge)
    Transfer time: less than 10 milliseconds
    Surge protection: 320 joules in 2 milliseconds
    Software information: frequency, input-, output-voltage, load, battery capacity, status and temperature

    A few questions You gave price in euros That make me think you don't live in the USA. It helps to know the country you are from. We have worldwide posters so if you are from the UK a UK poster may know a good deal. So what country are you in? Next question is do you use the pro for business? If you do a ups is more important then if you are a hobbyist.

    if you have a 6 core you need a 1200va or a 1500va machine . if you lived in the USA I would say get this:

    A really really really good deal. At 300 USD it is half price. It has a pure sine wave. I do not know a UK equal but I am sure a poster will give you a few good uk deals.
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    Nov 30, 2008
    Just take a look at this thread:

    Sums it up pretty good.

    As others, I recommend APC. I've been using them for more than a decade now and have never been disappointed. Currently running a Smart UPS 1400 for the computer and a Back UPS 650 for displays and external hard drives.

    They generally cost a little more than other brands but it's worth it. The batteries last for years (one of my Back UPS devices is about 10 years old and still keeps my server running for about half an hour) and their service is awesome. Never had a problem with them.

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