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Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by jfiggy77, Mar 6, 2016.

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    Mar 15, 2015
    I'm having a strange issue with Safari, Chrome, Mail, and News app and wondering if anyone else is having or ever had this issue.

    I recently did a complete wipe of my iPhone 6s Plus and installed 9.2. I set it up as a new phone so there were no issues restoring anything. Last week when 9.3 Beta 5 was released, I installed it since the issue with Apple Watch notifications had been fixed. My phone was running like a dream. However, this weekend I started experiencing an issue that caused me to reset my phone in the first place. It happens in Safari and Chrome and also in the News App.

    With Google as my default search engine, if I enter a search in the Safari or Chrome address bar, I am presented with a list of results as it should be. However, when I try to click on one of the results, nothing happens. I can click away until my fingers bleed and nothing happens when I try to open the link. This however does not happen if I have Bing as my default search engine and search within Safari with Bing or if I actually search from the Google Now app.

    In Safari the links open as they should with bing as the default search engine and in the Google app, links open within the Google app as they should. Another issue that I have is that regardless of what I have set as my default search engine, when I visit the Macrumors page for instance from within Safari and open up the dropdown menu and click on the forums link nothing opens. I have to enter in the address bar if I want to visit the forums page. Again, same behavior in Chrome.

    My issue with the News app is within the Siri Suggestions screen. When I click on one of the News headlines, nothing happens. It takes as long as 5 to 10 minutes for a headline to open. I will be doing something else on my phone and all of a sudden the News app opens to the link I was trying to open. I was experiencing this same issue before I wiped my phone and was hoping a clean install would fix it.

    With the Mail app, I am not able to open links in e-mails. If I click on a link in an e-mail, Mail will freeze and I have force quit to start using it again. As I mentioned earlier, everything was working fine after I installed 9.3 Beta 5 until this weekend. I finally had some time this weekend to work on my phone so I started installing all the apps I wanted back on the phone. I'm not sure if something I installed is causing the behavior but one thing I do know is that it's not normal behavior.

    I submitted a bug report to Apple so i'm wondering what they will come back with. This doesn't make it impossible for me to use the phone since I can still do most everything, but it is a rather annoying issue and one that has me lost trying to find out what is causing the issue. I have 9.3 Beta 5 installed on my iPad Air 2 and have none of this issues. Everything runs smooth on there. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this or know how I can fix it?
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    Paragraphs man! you know how painful this was to read?


    1. Are you using any content blockers in safari?
    2. Have you tried settings > safari > clear history and website data?
    3. What happens if you copy/paste the links manually?
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    Sorry, when I originally posted the message I just started typing so I wouldn't forget anything. I've reformatted it now so it should be easier to read. To answer your questions, I'm not using any content blockers and I also cleared Safari history and website data. I am not able to copy and paste links because if I click too long on a link in Safari or mail, the whole app will freeze and i have to force quit the app to get it working again. It's all really strange and I have no idea what could be causing such behavior.

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    Try going into settings > iCloud and turn off Safari there and see if the freezing still takes place. You really have a weird issue that's for sure.
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    Actually I'm having the same exact experience except on ios9.3.

    This is making it extremely difficult to use.
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    Wow - this was an excellent description of the problem so many of us are having. Unfortunate Apple was not able to address it early on.

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