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Apr 12, 2001

Early this morning the first full length movie of was spotted on Apple's iTunes Music Store.

The iTunes link to High School Musical was accessible and offered a 1 hour 39 minute Disney Channel original TV movie. This 487MB file represents the first full length movie content that has appeared on iTunes. The movie was originally available for only $1.99 which was the same price as most iTunes Video content.

This content may have been posted prematurely, as the movie became inaccessible shortly after the original news item was posted. It has now reappeared, but is now priced at $9.99.

Apple is widely expected to offer a iTunes Movie service in the coming weeks, but reports indicate that licensing negotiations are holding up the release. Reportedly Jobs wanted to keep a pay-to-own download model rather than a monthly subscription based model. The High School Musical movie is being sold with the traditional iTunes pay-to-own model at $9.99

More evidence that this represents a conscious shift for Apple into movies comes from the url:

The url to the movie is:

Older links are as follows:

update: Resolution is 320x240; 29.97 FPS; 44.1 kHz audio


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Mar 20, 2003
Bay Area
I suppose it wasn't realistic to think we would be buying movies for $1.99. Sure woulda sold a lot of them though... $9.99 still isn't bad.


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Mar 7, 2005
I know it requires substantially more bandwidth to transfer a full movie, but 10 bucks for a soft copy of a movie at a low resolution? Unlike a TV show, I think most people will at least want the option of watching the movie on TV at home. At 2/3rd the price of many DVDs and a substantially lower resolution with no menu system for skipping chapters, etc. who wants this?


Staff member
Jan 20, 2005
How about $9.99 for the first one and you get all of the terrible Disney Channel sequels for free?


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Mar 8, 2005
Washington D.C
Well some one who bought this moive for 1.99 got a good deal:rolleyes:

Well 9.99 would be nice, because i don't buy lots of moives


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Feb 8, 2003
The Peninsula
Is it tragically shrunk and compressed like the "Video" iPod clips, or is it something in the VHS-DVD range? (640x480 with square pixels)

1080p is too much to expect - but if Apple did that iTunes might have one more customer.

EricNau said:
I hope they make the quality of movies at least that of a DVD - but I know they won't. What should I expect for $10? :rolleyes:
Since a DVD is about $10 - one should expect nothing less.


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Apr 28, 2005
Redmond, WA
$9.99 for a movie on a 2.5" screen? I wouldn't pay for it soley for the iPod. Now if I could watch it full screen on my PowerBook, it would be a great deal (I have never bought a video from iTunes so I do not know if you can play videos full screen). With that being said, if you cannot watch movies full screen on a computer then it is not that great of a deal. Yes DVDs are more expensive but at least I can watch them on my TV with surround sound. Just my thought.

Side note: I also do not know if you burn bought iTunes videos to a DVD and play them in a DVD player. Someone should really inform me about this. :p


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Jul 19, 2002
not sure Id like this pricing models for movies.

I'm used to the netflix model. Granted its insane to expect apple to match that, but they're still gonna be competing with them in a way.

Not sure Id wanna pay $10 for a movie that I can't burn to dvd to watch on my tv (not hooked up to my mini).

Personally, not that wowed by this.


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Feb 4, 2004
Florida Resident
You probably are not paying for the movie as much as the bandwidth that is required to download the movie. That has to be a huge part of the cost and keeping the price high allows the servers to keep up with the demand until a later time.


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Jan 3, 2006
$10 for a low resolution movie that I probably watch once, no extras, and I need hard disk space to store? I am not in Apple's target audience I guess. I'd rather go with the subscription model: $10-20 per month, depending on the size of their library. If Jobs is really insisting on buy-to-own model for movies, he is not getting my money. That works perfectly for music, but not movies. If I'm spending $10, I'll go see it at a movie theater.


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Feb 8, 2003
The Peninsula
berkleeboy210 said:
Hopefully 2 Tuesdays from now we will. new credit card came today, not touching it until march 28th :)
When you "touch" it, I hope that you plan on paying it off when the bill comes.

Credit card interest rates are obscene - if you don't pay the balance in full each month you might as well toss your money in the fire.

No, that's wrong. Since it's winter up north, burning your bills will as least help heat the house. Paying interest to the credit card companies is worse.


ps: Citibank just boosted the limit on my MasterCard to $29K - the idiots think that they can trick me into carrying a balance and paying them interest.


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Aug 15, 2003
I also like the netflix model but then I usually watch a movie once and leave it at that. I really don't want to own a movie like I own my music. But that's just me. I know a lot of other people who have hundreds of DVDs. THough they usually watch them only once as well. I think a subscription model works better for movies and for TV programs as well. My .02$
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