itunes to ipod classic music transfer question.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by THE.shin, Aug 19, 2010.

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    I'm a new mac user (just got the macbook pro and ipod classic) and I was excited to fill my ipod with all the songs I had. For some songs, I cut the beginning using right click --> get info --> options --> start time and changed the start time. On itunes, it plays perfectly from that start time. However, when I transfer these songs onto the ipod, the intro is still there.

    How do I solve this problem?

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    Unfortunately, as far as I am aware you cannot import settings such as Equalizer, Volume, Start and Finish Times that are on the individual tracks to any iPod
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    The only way I know is to convert the songs again; the disadvantage is that there is another conversion, and you will permanently lose the intro.

    I'll assume that you have set up "Import Settings" exactly the way you want (iTunes->Preferences->General->Import Settings). Right-click on the song where you want to remove the entry and select "Create AAC version" or "Create MP3 version" (it will depend on your import settings what the menu will say). This will make a copy of the song, but _without_ the bits before the start and after the end time. It's your choice then whether you delete the original or not (obviously check first that the copy is exactly the way it should be).

    If your import settings are quite low quality, like MP3 up to 192 kbit/sec or AAC 128 kbit/sec I would recommend to change import settings to AAC 192 kbit/sec first so you don't lose too much quality. If your music comes from CDs, you can avoid any quality loss by importing using "Apple Lossless", then setting the start/end time as you like, then converting to whatever format you really wanted and deleting the lossless versions. (I got some free CDs where annoyingly some songs ended in 10 minutes of silence when imported, not when playing on a CD player, that's why I _had_ to figure this out).
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