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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by CosmoPilot, Dec 24, 2010.

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    First, Merry Christmas everyone!

    Okay, so I have 4 computers linked to my Apple ID and numerous iPhones and iPods.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but when I purchase a song, and successfully download it, using my computer...the only way to get it to the other computers is by transferring it via my iPhone or iPods.

    It seems as if I've downloaded something once from Apple, then they don't let me download it again onto a registered machine using the same Apple ID. Therefore, I transfer music/app content using my devices...isn't this what everyone does?

    Now, Mac app store is coming! How the heck am I going to download content onto one computer and then transfer it to another computer (Apple says the 1 time purchase will be good for all your computers). Do you think Apple will allow multiple downloads of the same software to any computer associated with you Apple ID?


    Anyone care to chime in and letting me know if I'm off base, or have any suggestions, etc.?

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    you're wrong ;)

    set up Home Sharing on all your Macs. home sharing can be configured to transfer newly added purchases between homeshared libraries automatically.
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    Jolly is correct. Just copy the the music files from one mac to another and voila, transferred
  4. CosmoPilot, Dec 24, 2010
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    So do all the computers have to have Home Sharing turned on? So if my wife downloads a song on her computer, how can I distinguish between all of her music and any songs recently purchased? Looks like the Automatic transfer option as outlined above is the best solution. Does this work for all computers, or can u only have 1 computer designated as the transfer from computer?

    In terms of the Mac App store, do you all think a similar process will be required?


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    Nov 25, 2005
    Please. Start iTunes, and have a look at everything in the menus. Then ask yourself why your computer has a CD or DVD writer. Go into Preferences and look at "Sharing". Ever heard of e-mail attachments? There are plenty of ways to get music from one computer to another.
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    Yes, you're right. I should've framed my point of view differently. I meant sharing content using the Apple environment without freaky work-arounds!

    I'm pleasantly surprised to hear about this Home Sharing feature. I thought this was only for streaming content from one computer to another computer. I DID NOT know you could use this for actually transferring content from one to other.

    For the past year, I've instructed my family members to purchase content using their iDevices and then transfer to each computer. The reason I did this, was because I could do it without issue. However, if I bought an app like "Angry Birds" on my computer and downloaded it into my library, I could not figure out a way to re-download the same app on my other authorized computers. Home sharing seems to be the ticket.

    I should be good to go now on this issue.

    Now the question I have is how will Apple manage the Mac App store in the same regard? Will the Mac App store have a similar feature (home sharing)? Will it even be a part of iTunes? If separate, will additional downloads be allowed...thoughts?

    Thanks again for all the info concerning Home Sharing.

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    I don't think anyone will know until the Mac App Store actually comes out. Anything anyone says will only be a guess at this point.
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    All this talk is about Home Sharing is largely irrelevant.

    It's a relatively new feature and it only lets you do certain things with your content.

    When you download something from either the iTunes Store or the App Store, iTunes puts it as a file into the "iTunes Media" (or "iTunes Music" if you've been using iTunes for several years) folder on your computer. (This folder is in either "My Music" or "Music" depending on your operating system).

    These files can be moved around just like any other file in Mac OS X or Windows.

    You can copy them onto a USB drive, upload them to an online storage site, copy them onto another computer over a network, burn them onto a CD/DVD etc. There are no restrictions on how many copies you can make.

    All content that is available in the iTunes Store is stored this way - Music, Videos, Apps etc.

    Apple DOES NOT allow users to download music or video files again (except if you contact them with a problem). They DO allow people to download iOS Apps again (for free).

    As I mentioned above, there is no way for Apple to stop you copying the files as many times as you like. What they can do is restrict how you can use those files.

    Each iTunes account can be authorized for use with up to 5 computers (any mix of Mac OS/Windows). "iTunes Plus" music doesn't require authorization, but pretty much all other content does (including Movies, TV Shows and Apps).

    Apple is likely to continue using a similar system with the Mac App store, although the Apple site does say:

    "You can install Mac apps on every Mac you use and even download them again."

    Downloading apps again is just like the iOS App Store, but they are saying that you can use them on any number of computers.

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