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Discussion in 'iPad' started by mrgreen4242, Feb 3, 2010.

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    Anyone notice that the mobile iWork blurb on the iPad page says "import MS Office and iWork '09" documents and send "iWork '09 and PDF" docs? If you can't open and save Office files, or at the VERY least RTF and CSV files, iWork is pretty useless. The .pages and .numbers file types are not nearly universal enough to be used for more than internal storage. They're going to have to add .doc/.xls or at least .rft/.csv support if they want my $20.

    Keynote is another beast... I don't think it really needs PPT support. Most of the time you are likely prepping and and presenting the document yourself, or at least just presenting and maybe tweaking from the iPad, so import support is enough. Full PowerPoint compatibility would be NICE, but not a deal breaker. That said, I likely won't even buy Keynote (which I am sure some people will say about Numbers, although I see Pages as being the #1 iPad app for the first 6 months or more).
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    You can export/import from and to Office using iPad's iWork version.
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    While I hope you are both right, and the quote from Jobs is very promising, that is NOT what the Apple webpage indicates.

    It only makes sense that this is wrong, but for now the "official" word seems to be import Office/iWork 09 and export iWork 09/PDF.
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    The iPad better have Comic Sans installed then ;)

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