JailBraked Iphone Bluescreen

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    Aug 3, 2016
    Hi i have Iphone 6 ios 8.1.2 jailbraked with Taig. Last morning i was using safari and then suddenly it got stuck. After 2-3 seconds blue screen flashed and phone restarted. After restart barrel was not working, wifi cant be set to on from settings and apps wont start even Cydia (open then suddenly exit). What can i do thanks ? i have tried starting in safe mode but no luck.
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    You can DFU restore and upgrade. That'll take you to 9.3.3. You will lose your current jailbreak, but there is a jailbreak for 9.3.3 out right now.

    If restoring does not fix your problems then you have a hardware issue. If there are problems (errors) when DFU restoring/upgrading then you probably have a hardware issue.

    Make sure to backup before you start the DFU restore - if you can.
  3. C DM, Aug 4, 2016
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    It will probably actually take you to 9.3.4 as of a few minutes ago (and I guess at the moment we aren't sure if 9.3.4 can be jailbroken).

    Edit: Looks like the update patches the exploit that the jailbreak uses.

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