Kidd Kraddick dead

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by jav6454, Jul 28, 2013.

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    Never heard of him before, but 53 is too young to die.:(
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    I used to listen in the 1990's with my parents and stopped after around 2004. They used to have a on-going gag about bits being so bad, you'd have to tape your driver license to your shirt, and sadly, that it how I felt at the time I stopped listening. Plus, I had just gotten an iPod (3rd generation) and had grown out of top 40 music for the most part.

    There were always a lot of arguments that went on too, probably scripted of course, but it was still something I did not appreciate listening to. Always had problems between themselves, always tried to make their relationships a segment when it didn't need to be.

    But the other day I heard another morning show make some horrible British joke, and I was like, really? It's a show catered to 30's+ and this lady and guy had said such the most childish thing and burst out laughing for two minutes.

    So it made me realize while I didn't like Kidd's show, that it was probably the only one in this area worth listening to at this point. And yeah, the charity work he did was awesome and he'll be remembered for that absolutely.

    It's a huge shakeup for the radio station here, and I bet whatever they do, the others will also follow in doing. I think it's going to be a few months of best of shows, but then they're calling it a day. The majority of radio stations here are all automated now, 1061 will probably end up being the next.

    I hope the charity goes on too, but I can see it becoming an issue if they pull the plug on the show as most pledges were made when they were on the air talking to the parents and their kids benefitting from it.
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    The local radio personalities in Dallas that have been around for a while seem to always move between the various stations we have here. Kidd, however, seemed pretty stable at 106.1 FM. He was considered by many to be one of the best in the area. I didn't listen to his show regularly, but knew of him and did catch a segment here and there on my way to the office in the mornings.

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