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Jun 9, 2004
Clearwater, FL


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Jun 12, 2012
I am sure it would have to be side loaded. There is a 0% chance it would be approved.


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Aug 27, 2010
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Jun 12, 2012
The version referred to has python scripting removed which stops addons....however the full version can still be sideloaded using xcode and there is no way apple can prevent it without blocking genuine development of apps.

What good is Kodi without add ons?


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Feb 9, 2014
What good is Kodi without add ons?

beside the UI difference, the big difference is that Kodi transcodes directly on ATV 4 while Plex requires a server/NAS to transcode.

if you have a powerful server/PC and don't mind having it on all the time, then transcoding on the server would be fine.
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Jun 18, 2007
I am sure it would have to be side loaded. There is a 0% chance it would be approved.

Amazing how Infuse 4 (with 14 video format support and DD/DD+, DTS and DTS-HD MA output) managed to get approved recently. But Kodi? Not a chance! :rolleyes:

What good is Kodi without add ons?

I guessed I've missed something all these years as I use Kodi to stream my own Media (you know, movies, tv shows, photos, music) to my living room music center and plasma HDTV and the home theater downstairs (93" screen projection with 6.1 speaker setup). I don't know what others are using Kodi for that it's useless without add-ons (all the "legit" addons I looked at weren't all that interesting and many are duplicated by apps already or soon to be available for ATV).


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Sep 23, 2012
looks like they are starting to make headway with Kodi on ATV4... ...starting with a fork of Kodi that will probably lead to the full version.
Sounds a bit involved. If someone doesn't care for Plex, seems like Infuse might be a better option...
Forked Version of MrMC said:
MrMC is a fork/rebrand/refactor of Kodi. All offending sins have been purged from the codebase. So some features of Kodi might not be present. This lets us get into the App Store, not only for TVOS but iOS and OSX as well. Our timeline is a few weeks, basics are up and stable. Just some minor issues to resolve.

Kodi itself would never get approved. Not for TVOS nor iOS or OSX. Too many sins. So even when Kodi gets ported to TVOS, the only ways to get on the physical device are;

a) self compile, install via xcode
b) ipa resign/repack install via xcode
c) ipwnstore or similar.

Eventually, you will be able to run Kodi on the new AppleTV. But the port is not trivial and MrMC fork has a month head start and I'm an expert at porting the code base (did the original ATV1, ATV2, iOS, and Android ports) and dealing with issues. Others known me as 'davilla'.

As soon as we enter the App Store, then all our private work becomes public and Kodi devs can start cherry-picking. Or they can start on their own version now, their choice.

We don't see Kodi as competition to MrMC fork. We are aiming at the 80 percent users that just want to play their local content without having to do flips and tricks to get there. Kodi can have the other 20 percent geeks and tweakers
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