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Apr 12, 2001


Image from Gizmodo

Apple is set to open their new Boston Apple Store on Boylston Street on Thursday, May 15th at 6:00 pm. Apple will be giving away limited edition T-shirts and "other surprises" at the store opening. Every Apple product is available for you to get to know and test-drive at the Apple Store. And the top floor is dedicated entirely to programs, support, and services. It's home to the Genius Bar, One-to-One personal training and free one-hour workshops to get the most out of your Apple products. Come early and be among the first to experience what the Apple Store is all about.
The latest Apple Store is reportedly the largest Apple store in the U.S. taking the title from the New York City 5th Avenue store.

Photos of the interior of the store are posted at ifoAppleStore, including a Spiral Staircase. Another exterior photo.

Article Link: Largest U.S. Apple Store Opens on Thursday (Boylston St, Boston)
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Apr 1, 2008
no 3g iphone
no mb/mbp update...
lame opening... :rolleyes:
i would go in grab me a t-shirt and go out XD (or do i have to buy something)


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Nov 9, 2007
great, now they can open up a new store at 6 and start selling the new iphone the same day.. same time :)

all other stores, close and re-open at 6 to celebrate the new store, and the new iphone ..

or is that to much to ask for?


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Apr 1, 2008
"If every company was like Apple, technology would be years ahead of what it is today!" not necessary, but the world would be beautiful :D

and doesnt it have to be .... if every company would have been like... thats sound correct to me

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Apr 21, 2006
Remember when Apple as a rotten core of a company as considered by so many in the computer industry.

My how times change.


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Apr 28, 2005

I live in Tokyo, Japan and the Ginza Apple Store here has 4 floors. The third is a small theater where they give demonstrations on how to use various apps and sometimes have pro graphic artists come in or live music performances.

I was wondering if having a theater and such events is a usual feature of larger U.S. Apple Stores?


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May 6, 2008
"Other Surprises"

3G Iphone?

HAHAHAHA! I am so 3G Iphone'd out...

HAH! I think most of us have given up crack, alcohol, and other pleasurable substances and replaced them with 3G iPhone rumors to keep us high!

however, some reports have stated the opposite.

either or, Steve is killing us all.


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Dec 11, 2006
For Boston, for Boston...:D

My sister would kill me if she saw that, she graduated from B.C.

More importantly, go Sox and :apple:!

i love that dirty water... :D

I can't wait to go check this store out.. probably won't be able to go for a while though.
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