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Apr 12, 2001

Apple may be planning to rename the version of iOS that runs on the iPad 'iPadOS,' which suggests major distinctive changes coming to the software in iOS 13.

The new iPadOS name was spotted by developer Steve Moser just ahead of when WWDC kicks off in what appears to be the Developer License terms and conditions.


A string of text reads "Apple Software" means Apple SDKs, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, iPadOS, and/or macOS," with iPadOS being a new term referring to the software running on the iPad.

Rumors have suggested the iPad is getting some major updates in iOS 13, which could provide a more PC-like usage experience. There will be new multitasking interfaces with stackable cards and multiple window support, along with a possible tab view.

New gestures are also coming, and with macOS 10.15, Apple is adding tools that will let developers easily port their iPad apps to the Mac.

Moser has also found indications of new PassKit pass types for cars and hotels, which means in iOS 13, you may be able to store temporary cards for unlocking hotel rooms and rental vehicles.

Article Link: Last Minute Leak Suggests iOS for iPad to be Renamed 'iPadOS'


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Nov 20, 2012
I guess that’s indicative of a more focused direction for the iPad, which is exciting. That name tho…
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Mr. Awesome

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Feb 24, 2016
Idaho, USA
Talk about last-minute. Don't like the name much, but some distinction between iPad iOS and iPhone iOS will be nice, assuming the rumor is true.


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Jul 28, 2016
This could leave room for apple to create a fire tablet type feature of using a dock to turn it into a smart display. That would be dope..and could help patch up the HomeKit holes


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Sep 15, 2012
To simplify things Apple may stop MacOS and move over all non iPhone hardware to iPadOS??


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Jun 6, 2014
Here's an interesting tangential question: if you're Apple, at what point do you rename the remaining "i" devices/services to conform with the new naming standard (e.g. Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple Music, etc.)?


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Mar 2, 2012
Westchester, NY
My god Apple is getting messy.
I think this actually makes sense. iPad has gained so many features the past few years that iPhone doesn’t have (split view, picture in picture, drag and drop, Mac style dock, etc.), and more are yet to come. You don’t want to confuse people and make them think iPad and iPhone are getting the same features. iOS frameworks are based on MacOS, but they don’t call it that because the iPhone software is so different. Same with WatchOS, it runs a striped down version of iOS.
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