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Apr 12, 2001

In iOS 15.4, Apple has introduced a fifth "American" Siri voice, which can be selected from the Settings app by going to Siri & Search and then selecting Siri Voice. The new voice is the fifth option, which joins the original four American Siri voices.


The "American" voice is the only new voice that was added today for users in the United States, and there appear to have been no other updates to Siri's voice options.

Those running the latest iOS 15.4 developer beta can listen to the new voice, which is distinct from prior voice selections.

Today's beta update also introduces the AirTags anti-stalking changes that Apple announced earlier this month.

Article Link: Latest iOS 15.4 Beta Adds Fifth Siri Voice for U.S. Users
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Jan 9, 2006
Ottawa, Canada
I know Apple doesn't have to be great at everything, but I'd love to see a major Siri update at the same time as an announcement of an Apple Search Engine. That's the biggest problem I have with Siri is that if there's anything that's outside of about 8 things (playing music, setting a timer, turning on lights, checking weather, checking time, reading calendar, doing a conversion, finding a score), it'll say "Here's what I found on the web".

I'd want it to be able to tell me or show me the answer (if they release a HomePod with a screen or on their already screened devices).


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Aug 13, 2010
I wish they could synthesize cartoon characters. Id love to have morty or homer

Alexa has a Samuel L Jackson voice. Can't do skills (such as reading Kindle Books), but asking him to tell you a dirty joke is pretty funny.
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