Leaked Apple Memo Warns Employees About Leaking Info to Media

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    Apple recently posted a "lengthy" cautionary memo on its internal website that uses aggressive scare tactics to warn employees against leaking details about future products to the media, reports Bloomberg.

    In 2017, Apple said it caught 29 leakers and that 12 of those people were arrested. "These people not only lose their jobs, they can face extreme difficulty finding employment elsewhere," the company said in the memo.

    Images of iPhone X components that leaked well ahead of the device's launch​

    The memo details several instances where sensitive data had been leaked to the media, such as the leaked iOS 11 GM, which divulged details on the iPhone X, and meetings where Craig Federighi detailed delays to planned functionality in iOS 12 to focus on improving existing features. The employees who leaked this info were caught and fired, said Apple.

    It also warns Apple employees against befriending members of the press, analysts, and bloggers and "getting played."

    Apple told employees that leaking information about an unreleased product can impact sales of current models, lead to fewer sales when the product is released, and give competitors more time to mimic product features. "We want the chance to tell our customers why the product is great, and not have that done poorly by someone else," Apple's Greg Joswiak said in the memo, the full text of which is below, courtesy of Bloomberg:
    Apple has always been an intensely private and secretive company, but as it has grown, leaks have become harder to contain, both among its own corporate employees and from its supplier partners. In 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple was going to "double down on secrecy on products," but each and every year, details on new products manage to leak out ahead of launch.

    Article Link: Leaked Apple Memo Warns Employees About Leaking Info to Media
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    Scarsdale, NY
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    You beat me to it! Haha
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    There are so few employees that even know what’s coming around the corner.

    There are more issues with leaks coming out of Foxconn, unless you’re an engineer that’s in the know.
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    So someone leaked the memo about the leak? The snake is eating it's tail.
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    Yo dawg, I heard you like leaks so heres a leaked memo about leaking leaks.
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    If you know that Apple is going to release a new iPhone in 6 months, will you possibly buy a competing phone that releases before the new iPhone comes out? I am sorry, but this is an ancient way of thinking for an industry leading company. To add to the irony, Apple has been last on everything except for in the category of unneeded and unwanted, like a freaking Touch Bar on a laptop and not a touchscreen.
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    i mean, this is reasonable.

    I wonder if they will send out an updated memo to update that number to 30.
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    I can only hope the person who leaked this memo wasn't fired.
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    Maybe this leak was done by Craig intentionally.
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    I wonder how they catch some of these employees. Specifically for the iOS 12 leak, apparently thousands of engineers were disclosed.
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    A common thing to do to catch leakers is to make messages like this unique by varying spacing, words, or punctuation so that the recipient can be identified. I wonder if Apple will be catching a leaker who leaked the warning about leaking.
  16. JediZenMaster Suspended


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    Good! As it should be and they should be locked up also.
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  18. Relentless Power macrumors Penryn

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    Joswiak is right. Why jeopardize your job/career that ultimately has a negative impact on the company and can result in the employee being terminated for being defiant and disloyal. That employee would likely never have a career in the tech sector ever again given their Malicious actions.
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    I don't know whether to be happy or sad about it. On one hand, yes, we absolutely need to get back to the rock-solid iOS releases of yore. On the other hand, I really, really want to see what they're going to do to the homescreen.

    Give me themeing, even if it's controlled by the App Store.
    Give me a scrolling background ala Android.
    Give me the ability to place my icons where I'd like.

    Give me those three things, and I'll never look at a robotphone again.
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    What strikes me the most is the idea of their "Apple Investigators".....
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    Telling the public why the products are great is much different from spinning why the products need to be thought of as great. The iPhone 4 leak may have taken the "wow factor" away from Steve Jobs' keynote debut, but I don't think it had any kind of harmful effect on perception or sales of one of the greatest devices ever to come out of Cupertino.

    On the other hand, revealing Animoji as the prime feature of the iPhone X with iOS 11 gave enough of a head start for the public to realize it was a letdown and collectively ask "is that it?" even before the reveal.

    I understand wanting to keep as far ahead of competitors as possible, but it seems like Apple is more concerned about suppressing negative perceptions rather than protecting the secrecy of genuinely revolutionary new products.
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    Aug 5, 2001
  23. nviz22 macrumors 601


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    This would be a sad cold reality if they announce this in June. iOS could use major overhauls with the notification system, UI, additional productivity features, Siri, Apple Maps, etc.

    iOS has devs and public beta testers. Plus, I am sure they have internal software QC measures. Yet iOS 11 was a terrible mess. I think Apple releasing the 8/8+ also fragmented their software further a bit because you have a completely gesture driven experience vs one offering a physical home button.

    iOS used to be head and shoulders above the rest. Although it's necessary to maximize returns, Apple's leadership needs to get the right software visionary in place because the competition is fierce. Samsung just lost some ground in China. If Apple can get lower entry point phones with tremendous software reliability like the old days? People have less reason to go Oppo, Xiaomi, etc.
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