leather bands and babies - durability?


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Feb 15, 2008
i've had an apple watch sport since last may and took the plunge on a SS apple watch to replace it last October, but went for the product red sport band version. i've always been keen to go for a leather band, but was scared that it wouldn't hold up too well.

i've got two little girls - one is now 2, and the other 8 months. my biggest fear is baby sick on a very expensive band consigning it to the bin. as the older one grows up, i also have worries about drawing with felt tip pens and the like. i also live in a climate where it can rain - heavily - at a moment's notice and is generally quite wet.

so, am i being paranoid? i'd especially like to hear from anyone in my position with the Hermes watch (although i may be restricted from getting one of those due to sizing issues - my preference is the 38mm but i'd be a borderline fit and they seem to want me to go for the 42mm :( ) i also really like the look of apple's ocean blue classic buckle.


Feb 2, 2016
Classic buckle water test by me: http://forums.macrumors.com/threads/classic-buckle-saddle-brown-water-test.1988189/

It is very durable. I have been caught in rainSTORM and made it out without issue. HOWEVER, the key is to dry it off as soon as you can...don't let the water (or any liquid) sit on the leather for a long time.

Yes, i have a small pen mark at bottom of band. Cannot get it off. But that's leather.

Personally, i would wait till your kiddos grow up before spending on Hermes. Classic buckle? Sure get it...but know that leather is susceptible to marks and liquid damage. (From what i gather, CLassic buckle leather is treated and thus less immune to liquid damage than Hermes.)


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Oct 22, 2007
My baby likes to tug at my wach and has a reflux problem. I do try to wear sport bands when I'm around her, since they're far more durable than other types, though I don't have any leather bands yet.