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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by zahi745, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. zahi745 macrumors newbie

    Jul 14, 2009
    I have the money to buy a legally unlocked factory sealed 16gb unlocked iphone 3G s.

    I currently have a contract with T-mobile.

    Anyone with T-mobile that has an iphone 2g 3g/s is the internet slow on it when using the data compared to the 3g network that AT&T(if you compared the two)has???

    Are there any pros/cons staying with t-mobile/ switching to AT&T?

    Is there really that much of a difference between the 2g vs 3g network since the 3g s is fast as it is?

    I've tried to look all of these questions up haven't really found answer.

    i wanna go to at&t but the plan is expensive but if i stay with t-mobile im afraid i wont get the best data service even though they're great over in Illinois.
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    I'd be careful with what you are buying. They need to be a U.S. legally-unlocked iPhone, otherwise if your phone needs replacement, the Apple store won't service a internationally unlocked phone. I'm not sure of what's phones are...
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    1. T-Mobile doesn't have the same frequencies for 3G signal as the iPhone 3G or 3GS supports. So it doesn't matter if your iPhone is factory unlocked or not. You won't get 3G, only 2G and 2.75G signals.

    2. Difference between the 3G/2G and the 3GS is in the hardware. The first to iPhones (2G/3G) have a 412MHz ARM 11 CPU with 128MB RAM, vs the new iPhone 3GS and it's 600MHz ARM Cortex and 256MB RAM. You will most definitely notice the difference.

    3. Difference between the 3G and 3GS internet speed is based on the supported X-Gold limit. 3G supports up to 3.6Mb/s where as the 3GS supports up to 7.2Mb/s HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) or 3.5G. Both support up to 378Kb/s upload via UMTS protocol, so no difference there.

    4. If you really want an iPhone and would like 3G speeds, I would highly recommend switching to AT&T. If you don't mind EDGE and are comfortable with that, then you can stay with T-Mobile.

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