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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by fireshot91, Jun 16, 2012.

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    Well, I placed an order for a X220t from their outlet page last week. Got it on Wednesday.

    The one I ordered said "Thinkpad X220t - New". (Btw, "new" does not mean new)

    On Wednesday, I opened it up. Turns out, it wasn't the multitouch one (I ordered a multitouch one), and on the box it said redistributed product.

    So, at this point, I was like whatever I don't want to go through the hassle of exchange, lets see why multitouch doesn't work. I called Tech Support, they walked me through updating drivers, took control of the machine and updated drivers themselves - The multitouch one kept saying "Download failed".
    He said maybe the servers are down - try again tomorrow.

    Tomorrow comes, I try again - doesn't work. I call up Tech Support again. Guy takes control again, tries manually downloading drivers - it won't install. He says whatever, you have two options - 1) Send it in, we'll see why it doesn't work and basically get it working, giving you the same laptop back, or 2) Talk to Sales, see what exchange they can do.

    So, I pick option 2, since it's a redistributed product, and I'd have a chance of getting a new one.

    Oh, and tech support #1 (First day) confirmed that I had a multitouch display.

    Sales...oh gawd Sales... 1) Based in India. 2) Don't know crap about what they're talking about.

    The first lady I talked to - basically said that even though I bought a "new" labeled item from the Outlet, just the fact that it's in the outlet means it's redistributed, and therefore, I'm bound to get a refurbished product. So, I said: "Basically, you're telling me, the laptop I have in front of me is not only new, it's redistributed, AND refurbished at the same time....how does that work?".
    Now, at this point, I've been on the phone for an hour and a half already (Probably more). I say forget that, why did I place an order for a Multitouch display, have some guy in Tech Support lie to me, tell me it has a multitouch display, when the laptop I have does not. She said "It says here in the specifications that you have a trackpad...not touchpad".
    Me: There are three parts to a laptop, a trackpad - the thing that functions as a mouse, the keyboard - ...Not even going to explain this one, and a display - the monitor. The laptop I ordered has a touchscreen monitor, but the one I received does not have a touchscreen monitor.
    Her: You ordered a laptop..no laptop has a touchscreen monitor.

    At that, I just lost it. I told her to transfer me to her manager, and she did.

    The manager, he kept on repeating the same thing - "We can't exchange it, you ordered it in the outlet, therefore we can't exchange it". No matter what I said, he said the same thing, interrupting me again and again. I repeated the problems I had with my order, an he said that the most he could do was give me a full refund. So, I say, okay, you can't help me, transfer me to your manager.
    And you'll never guess what he says after that - "We can't exchange it, you ordered it in the outlet". I...didn't ask to exchange it, I asked to speak to your manager..at least listen to what I'm saying!

    He says he can't transfer me to his manager without good reason. I tell him that it's because I'm asking to talk to her, and that should be reason enough. He says no, he needs a reason. My response: "Fine, tell her I have a problem with my laptop, and that I won't tell you what it is, and that I want to speak to her". Him: "We can't exchange it, only give you a full refund. If I can't, my manager can't either". I say, fine, there are three options that are possible. 1) You exchange my laptop for another one in your outlet page that is of the same specifications that I ordered in the first place. 2) You upgrade me to the x230t with the specifications I ordered. 3) I dispute the charges, and I get a free laptop.

    He says he can't exchange it, nor update it, only refund me the full price, and I can reorder - essentially making me dispute the charges (Which, I don't want to do, I like to pay for things that are sold to me). Now, the reordering would work in theory, but at this point, the prices rose of the computer I ordered. So, if I reordered, I'd shell out another ~$80-$100 for their mistake.

    So, after 20 minutes of asking to speak to his manager, he transfers me to her. The manager (Based in North Carolina, might I add) is like "Okay, I understand your problems. I can't exchange it, but what I can do is refund you the price of the one you ordered, you send it back, and Sales (I was apparently with Sales Support, not Sales before) will price-match the higher price down to whatever you paid, and you can reorder." So, after sending me a return label for the laptop I have at this point, she transfers me to Sales. Sales says that she can't price match it since it's a specially discounted price in the outlet (Not regular outlet price), but what she can do is order me one at the full price, and then credit me the ~$155 or so that is the difference.

    That's fine by me, I say, and there we have it. In 10 minutes of talking to the person in North Carolina, I get exactly what I wanted.

    The new laptop that I ordered is also labelled as "New". Lets see if it's a redistributed product or not...

    Bottom line, don't order from Lenovo Outlet.
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    For a while now, I have detested foreign based customer service talking to "Bob" or "Sue" who have troubles understanding my requests voiced in English along with being irritated when domestic companies prefer to hire cheap foreign labor over fellow citizens. The outsourcing trend initially saves money, but as more and more people are outsourced, it has adversely effected our standard of living.
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    As well as damaging their reputation by word of mouth, as is evidenced by this thread.

    Guys, wake-up and smell the roses, or you will go under to companies who do customer support the right way.

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