Leopard computers and iCloud workaround?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by shmerls, Jan 31, 2012.

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    I have a perfectly good PowerPC iMac at work that does all I need it to do including being in my MobileMe sync mix of devices: iPhone4, iPad1, Mac Pro (Snow Leopard).

    I hate the thought of having to get rid of my PPC iMac just so I can get a new computer that can run Lion, just so I can keep my work computer in the calendar and contacts databases sync loop.

    And of course if I get a later model computer for work, some of my apps will need to be upgraded too, like Word and Adobe Creative Suite which is EXPENSIVE.

    Seems such a waste to force me into a computer purchase just to have it run Lion just so I can have it communicate with iCloud.

    Anyone know if there's a workaround or 3rd party app that will allow a PPC on Leopard communicate with iCloud yet?
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    found this quote from


    Tom Balint1 Ontario, Canada
    Re: Icloud work on PowerPC Macs?
    Jan 16, 2012 4:22 PM (in response to marcelistico)

    Not sure if you're still looking for answers or not but I just purchased a used PowerPC 2.0 gig G5 for my Dad to use. I have discouverd MobileMe or iCloud email will work but so far I can't figure out a work around for the rest. To get the email to work you just set up an imap account. The incoming server is different for iCloud so you need that new information. My older MobileMe account uses p99-imap.mail.me.com and the new iCloud that I set up for my Dad uses p03-imap.mail.me.com. I've seen some people online use p06 and I'm sure there are other numbers.

    Unfortunately, I haven't figured out calendars, contacts, or iChat. If you know of any other work arounds please let me know.

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    Tom, not sure I fully understand what you got to work and what you didn't.

    What I'm looking to make work is to be able to sync my PPC iMac's Addressbook and iCal via iCloud which in turn syncs to my iPhone, iPad and Mac Pro. And visa versa so any changes to either these databases done on my iphone, ipad or Mac Pro syncs not only to each other but also the PPC iMac.

    Currently, I'm doing this flawlessly via MobileMe.

    I was told that in order to use iCloud as the new "go between" server in place of MobileMe which expires June 30th, your computer has to use Lion OS and your devices iOS5.

    Since PPC's are incompatible with Lion, I've been told PPCs can't integrate with iCloud and thus if you need to have your PPC Addressbook and iCal sync to other computers or devices, your PPC will soon become useless forcing us to buy a later model Mac that can run Lion.

    Hope that better explains what I'm trying to do? Also my sentiments toward Apple, who I love otherwise, regarding having to possibly dump my work iMac just so I can sync AB and iCal?

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