Like HomePod, Sonos One Leaves White Rings on Some Furniture

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    The HomePod's silicone base can leave white rings on some wood surfaces that have an oil or wax finish, a problem that Apple yesterday said was "not unusual." As it turns out, Apple wasn't incorrect -- the Sonos One, a competing smart speaker, also leaves white rings on furniture.

    Tom's Guide reviewer Mike Prospero read about the HomePod causing rings on furniture yesterday and went to check his wood cabinet, where he did indeed discover a ring caused by the HomePod. But next to it, he found smaller square shaped marks, which had been caused by the Sonos One located near the HomePod.

    Image via Tom's Guide
    Like the HomePod, the Sonos One has a silicone base with four small feet. It doesn't make a ring as prominent as the ring caused by the HomePod, but it does appear to cause the same marks.

    White rings became a topic of discussion yesterday morning after independent reviews from Pocket-lint and Wirecutter pointed out the marks the HomePod left on oiled or waxed furniture. After the issue received significant media attention, Apple published a "Cleaning and taking care of HomePod" support document that warned about the potential for marks on some wooden surfaces.

    Apple said it is not unusual silicone bases to leave mild marks, and that they should go away with time or with some light polishing. Tom's Guide reviewer Mike Prospero says that the marks do indeed appear to fade with time. From Apple's support document:
    It is not clear why Apple did not inform customers about the possibility of white marks on wood, as this is presumably an issue the company had to know about following the HomePod's extended beta test with Apple employees and the years of development that went into the product.

    A simple HomePod care support document published ahead of the HomePod's launch, rather than after customers were left to discover the issue on their own would have likely mitigated much of the negative press and frustration from customers.

    For those who are concerned about the HomePod damaging their expensive wood furniture, Apple recommends putting the HomePod on a different surface to avoid problems all together.

    Article Link: Like HomePod, Sonos One Leaves White Rings on Some Furniture
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    Everything leaves marks on oiled wood. The entire point is that you just wipe it with an oiled cloth to remove any marks. This is why you use a cutting board on butcher block and other oiled wood surfaces.

    This isn't just the HomePod or Sonos or Alexa. This is pretty much everything you set on oiled wood. It's not a big deal. Anyone that has ever dealt with oiled wood knows you just wipe it with a cloth and like magic, it's back to normal again. It's sad this story got legs because there's no real story here. BREAKING: THINGS SET ON OILED WOOD LEAVE MARK
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    My coffee mug does the same thing if I don't use a coaster. This is stupid. I suspect another person trying to squeeze out some settlement money from Apple.
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    Sounds like Antennagate .... it's OK because we're not the only ones that do it.
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    Classic example of an Apple product behaving exactly the same way as every other product on the market, but getting bad press. Must be disheartening for Apple engineers, but it happens cause people love Apple and hold them to a higher standard. Simple as that.
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    Really ? wow , i'd never have guessed that, i thought the Homepod was doomed ;-)

    Is it just because it's Apple that things get so blown out of all proportion, most things leave marks on oiled or waxed wood, put a coaster / tissue / hankie under it....!
  10. Relentless Power, Feb 15, 2018
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    It’s a non-issue. Follow Apples guidelines and it won’t be a problem for most. At least Apple addressed the reports of this rather quickly. And if somebody was truly concerned about their furniture, then just play something underneath the HomePod. Problem solved.
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    I wish my car came with a warning if it is parked in the same spot for a long period of time, it may leave tire impressions.
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    Interesting. The issue I have is that Apple knew that all these companies products leaves rings. My problem with this whole thing is that Apple DIDN'T SOLVE THE PROBLEM. Instead of finding an alternative material like cork they just kicked the ring bucket down the road.
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    Just like the movie, "The Ring." Something will come out of that.
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    Honestly, putting anything directly onto a finished wood surface without a coaster gives me hives. Thanks, mom.
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    Homepod was fine until I played some Tom Jones, then it left the white rings -
    I suppose “Its Not Unusual”
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    Obviously the HomePod‘s ring looks crispier and has a better contrast.
  17. cmichaelb, Feb 15, 2018
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    People need to take care of their furniture. Who didn't know something rubbing on wood furniture could leave a mark?
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    Doesn't make headlines if it's other products. Anything Apple on the other hand, makes headlines (which in turn means page views which mean money for sites like this one). So blowing even little things that impact every product up into a huge issue is very profitable for the media when it comes to Apple.
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    Oh no!! It's...Woodgate...Apple is doomed, I say, doomed! This wouldn't have happened if Steve was alive.
  21. csurfr macrumors 68020

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    I love this article "It is not clear why Apple did not inform customers about the possibility of white marks on wood.."

    Here's a thought! Maybe the article should be changed to read:

    "It is not clear why Apple or Sonos did not inform customers about the possibility of white marks on wood..."

    Or any other manufacturer for that matter.
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    Here's the solution: use cheap IKEA furniture. Better for the environment, better for your mental health.
  23. mtneer macrumors 68030


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    All it needs now is someone to turn over their Alexa and Google Home devices and join the bandwagon.
  24. jacobh101 macrumors regular

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    why are people moving the speakers around? I placed it where I wanted 5 days ago and haven't moved it since.
  25. Relentless Power, Feb 15, 2018
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    But that doesn’t mean something as little as the HomePod leaving a white mark behind shouldn’t be informed to owners that are not aware of the situation. Granted, This ‘Issue’ doesn’t need to be exacerbated , I think it’s informative to know what’s causing the marks and Apple addressed the concern, and what remedies to use IF there are white marks left behind. I know as a HomePod owner, I would want to know this, even if it’s minor.

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