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Oct 23, 2014
Port Moody, BC, Canada
Best to be sparing in the offence you take online. It's a common term of affection in my part of the world. The internet is a melting pot and things can have different meanings in different contexts and cultures.
Yes, but the times, they are-a-changing. :) It used to be fine in Canada, but it's starting to become offensive to some women here. I think it's just a matter of time before it fades away.


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Sep 13, 2014
Ft Lauderdale
We all have our opinions… I really think it's a masculine design… Not so much for the link, but for the size, even in a 38


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Feb 2, 2009
I think the link bracelet is pretty unisex personally, yes - too sensitive ;) Its no different to when my wife refers to 'the husband' or 'her man'


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May 6, 2015
I think the link looks fantastic on your wrist.
I'm a very feminine woman and I LOVE wearing manly straps with my watches. That shows that I've got attitude and I still can rock whatever I like with or without the judgement of people because ultimately it's my choice and whatever makes me happy and so should you.

About "the wife" thing, I've been married to a Marine for 12+ years. A guy I met the day before we got married and every now and then he would say "the wife" or "the kids" and I don't find it objectifying at all. I think my relationship is in a comfort level that hardly anything bothers me at all. So I think it mainly depends on the couple and trust me when I say this I come from a very conservative family. There's a big difference in how you take thinks in or out of context. But there again everyone is different.
I was raised in a half Muslim half Christian home and although my Muslim Dad is dead serious about marriage, he always made sure to remind me I'm no ones object unless I want to make be or I allow myself for someone to treat me that way.
I think I've heard my husband maybe 4 times in our years married say "the wife" and even then those words to me are affectionate and never objectifying because at the end, I am the wife, the mother and the love of his life which is completely fine by me.
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Jun 10, 2015
OP I think it looks nice on you and not masculine at all on your wrist. Kind of sporty actually.

I have a 42mm AW SS and didn't want to spurge on the link band too since I was getting the SS to begin with, so got it with the classic band (which I like a lot). I had the concern "what if I didn't take to wearing a watch again?" so thought it reasonable to limit my initial purchase. Loving my watch, it's a keeper, and now I really wanted a link bracelet for the occasional dressier times. Funny to see this thread as I actually ordered a link band earlier today -- from globalwatchband along with another band.

Here's what I'm getting (thought the rice grain beads were more feminine than the more chunkier bands the guys typically wear, and it was still dressy too):

I have one of those spring pin adapters that takes a 24mm band coming from reseller freedomoclock09 based on the good reviews in another thread here. That should arrive Friday. I got an email already from globalwatchband with a shipping label (paid $5 for priority mail) so with any luck hope to have it by Friday as well. I'll post photos when I have everything.

The band additionally comes in a 22mm size but I believe that would be too large to fit on a 38mm AW (freedomoclock photos show the adapters accommodating 24 and 20mm width bands). This band I ordered today is by Hadley Roma and it comes in several metal finishes in this rice grain style. BTW I did note that on this particular band it is not hypo allergenic (wondering if that means it has some nickel in it?). It's been a long time since I had a watch on and don't wear rings either so hoping I don't have any reaction to it. Didn't we use to apply clear nail polish on such metal to keep it from reacting to our wrists and fingers?

BTW when I called globalwatchband to ask questions about sizing, the lady I spoke with mentioned that they have a father's day special code (father) for 10% off on orders over $50; otherwise I could use alway05 for a 5% discount. I ended up ordering this red silicon band too ( - underside has grooves for breathability) and an extra $4 buckle to make the father's day promo special, basically giving me a buckle for a $1.
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Aug 3, 2010
Naboo Land
Being called "the wife" by my husband doesn't bother me at all. To each her own, but it genuinely seems like you're being a bit over sensitive.
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Feb 3, 2015
I think it would look better on you if it was Milanese or Pink Modern Buckle. Honestly, I think its manly. If you like it, and you think it looks good on you, then wear it.
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