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Sep 12, 2016
I set up my IP X without face ID....I will never use that nonsense, come hell or high-water. Did you hear that Timmy? NEVER.

But now I have that awful red circled 1 and periodic notifications that say you have not set up face id.

Plus, when i enter my numeric password it will accept it the first time and then refuse to i have to key it in once more.

The whole thing seems to be to frustrate and browbeat hold outers like me into adopting face id.

Well, Timmy, it's on....lets see who blinks first...aint' gonna be me.

Thanks for making this thread. Threads like this make macrumors a great time sink.
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Apr 28, 2011
How on earth did this thread blow up to 7+ pages.

OP trying to imdimidate "Timmy"

Bro, if Tim Cook was intimidated by you even remotely, he'd would task his assistants assistants assistants assistent with sending you a fart in a jar with a $20 bill in it and a note that just said "shut up".


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Original poster
Sep 16, 2013
.... why didn't you return it within your 14 days given that it's causing you this much displeasure? /QUOTE]

I needed phone as my 5S is a bit behind in speed....the X was my only choice being a slave to the apple ecosystem (my fault entirely)

I wasn't going to go get a 8 since i think its an old idea.

I love the X...great phone and Face ID may be fine for some but not for me....Im willing to ignore it and use my passcode (which is what I do)
but these nagging messages that i forgot to activate face id must stop.


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Feb 5, 2015
You have summed up the apple philosophy perfectly using just two words.

From 'think different' to 'or what'?

I love it.....Cheers!

Using new, exciting technologies instead of keeping the old ways like everyone else is "thinking different". It's not avoiding the tech "come hell or high-water", and calling it nonsense.

Apple was never about doing things in a way they don't think it's best. If you want choice, go Android/Windows. It's fine. They've gotten good over the years. For me, Face ID is one of the best features of the X and I love that Apple is going all-in with it.
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