iPhone X logging into my iCloud account (mostly) disables wifi

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by georgeangelos, Apr 28, 2018.

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    My new iPhoneX often disconnects from Internet with the wifi button going off. When I touch it to go on again, it simply refuses to be moved. From time to time, it will connect momentarily, download notifications or emails and disconnect again.

    Initially I thought that the problem was my Apple ID account, because if I am not logged on my Apple ID, the device behaves just fine with no wifi connectivity problems. But recently I discovered that the problem is not my Apple ID account but my iCloud account. Specifically, the device is perfectly happy when I am connected to my Apple ID account but the moment I connect to iCloud it goes back to causing the wifi connectivity problems.

    Any help will be appreciated here! I have a brand new iPhoneX and drives me mad!

    Please note: a) This problem occurs only with my iPhoneX device. My previous iPhones are perfectly fine, with the same exact setup (accounts, wifi networks, etc). b) This problem occurs with some networks but it seems not to occur so much with other networks. c) I have the latest update of the iOS
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    Absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. ‍♂️

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