Longvadon watch straps


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Nov 16, 2008
I became aware of these through a promotion this luxury strap maker is running on another major Mac site. I was not eligible for the competition being UK based but I liked the look of their straps and the accompanying 15% discount the company was offering over the festive period.

So I went ahead and bought one; now, several weeks later, I have received an e-mail from the Royal Mail telling me that as these are posted out of Hong Kong, the strap is eligible for import charges totalling £21 - roughly 30% of the full cost of the strap in the first place.

I’ve paid it because I have to at this stage really but I’m really not impressed that Longvadon are using this distribution model which undoubtedly saves them costs but passes them on to consumers. However good the strap is when it arrives I’ll never purchase another item from this firm and the reason for this post is to warn you all should you have been planning a buy.
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