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  1. W

    As pocket watch

    Disabling passcode also disables Apple Pay. And in a pocket most sensors will become redundant. That’s fine. Anything else I will be missing?
  2. G

    Ultra 2 Model A2986: Different Frequency Bands, European vs Americas regions

    I split my time between USA and Switzerland, and I would like to buy an Apple Watch Ultra 2 with Cellular service, which will work in both regions. I noticed that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 that is available both on the European and Americas markets is the same model: Model A2986. However, the...
  3. F

    This Normal? Side button clicky when gently tapping on it.

  4. T

    Series 9 "Noise Suspended"

    I've been having this issue with Apple Watch Series 9 since October. I use the Noise complication and I particularly like the large version (although the small version has the same issue). I started noticing soon after buying my Series 9 that the Noise complication would often be greyed out when...
  5. A

    Fitness competition shows zero points for other user; any way to fix without data loss?

    I've been doing Apple Watch fitness competitions with a friend for a couple of years now so we have a long history -- over 100 matches. For the first time this week, his competition status is always showing 0 points on my end, and my competition status is showing 0 points on his end. We can see...
  6. lonefoxvn

    Universal Cars Race! - an idle drifting game for Apple Watch

    Hello, we released Cars Race! This is an idle game where you collect sport cars and form a drifting team to tandem and smash zombies. We tried hard to polish graphics of cars, cities and mountains. Hope you like it. The game is free on Apple Watch. It's free with ads on iPhone and iPad. Thank...
  7. Ameer_1

    Apple Watch Series 9 Convert To Ultra 2

    You could turn your watch into an Ultra
  8. E

    Nov 2023 update - nothing helpful!

    So I just updated the software for my Apple Watch and now the easy to use items have become less so! All my pre-set timers? Gone. Try to summon your phone… it used to take a swipe and a click, now you better allow 1-3 minutes and it’s increasingly obnoxious! What were they thinking?!
  9. C

    watchOS 10 & Notifications (Swipe Down)

    watchOS 10 has been a bit rocky on my Series 6. I've been having an odd bug where I often cannot swipe down on my watch to view the notifications center (incidentally, nor can I swipe up to get to widgets, although the crown still works to get there). I can open apps, and operate everything...
  10. L

    Wife's podcasts on my Watch

    My wife's podcasts are cluttering up my Watch. What's strange is that they don't show up on my iPhone, but are constantly downloaded on my Watch, and she follows about ten podcasts. We have the family plan but she is registered under her unique Apple ID. I was at a Genius Bar the other day...
  11. thewhitehart

    Questions about notifications and SMS while on cellular

    I just got my first Apple Watch (Series 9 45mm midnight aluminum GPS+cellular). I noticed that while on cellular with my iPhone 15 turned off I cannot send SMS or receive notifications for 3rd party messaging apps. Messages come, but I must manually check. Is this true for everyone? Also...
  12. jeroenvip

    iPhone 13 Which 2/3 in one wireless charger works

    I am looking for a 3 in 1 charger for my iPhone and watch. Problem is the iPhone has an otterbox case. So what charger has fast charging for iPhone and watch and supports a strong enough magnet to hold the iPhone with an otterbox protection case.
  13. awshucks

    Watch Bands recommended?

    I just got my Series 8 on sale from Target and I like to collect Apple Watch bands, so I was wondering which bands to get. I am planning to get the Sport Loop, as I heard that was comfortable. If you have a comfortable band that you'd recommend, feel free to reply. Here are the bands I have...
  14. T

    Apple Watch spontaneously rebooted

    Today while I was at the gym, my Apple Watch Series 9 running watchOS 10.0.2 spontaneously rebooted itself. I looked down at to start a workout and saw the white Apple logo instead of the watch face. I'm wondering if anybody else has experienced anything like this. It's the first time it has...
  15. geek2022

    good or bad deal? New Apple Watch SE Gen 1 for 180 USD

    Hi, is getting a New Apple Watch SE Gen 1 for 180 USD a good idea? Or is it an outdated device? would it work for let's say 4-5 years? hows battery life ? (SE 2 is 270, 7 and 8 are of the same price around 330 USD)
  16. geek2022

    Apple watch 8 as the first watch? or go for watch 9?

    Hi, what do you all think of Watch 8 as my first watch? or do you suggest I get the Watch 9? Watch 9 is like 200 usd more than Watch 8 (watch 8 and 7 is same price) and not sure if it is worth the extra 200? how many years of support/updates can I expect from Watch 8? looking for atleast 5...
  17. Mercenary

    Watch face gallery painfully slow to load

    Since iOS 17 and the watch update the face gallery is often super slow to load. Loading one by one. Any ideas? And it’s not my WiFi speed
  18. A

    GPS and back track issues

    I received Ultra 2 watch Friday and it has never displayed latitude /longitude - just dashes instead. I also see no indicator to show direction on back track feature. I spent an hour and a half with Apple support, including diagnostics with no success. Anyone else having this issue?
  19. S

    iPhone 13 Pro Apple Maps doesn’t count down distance when navigating

    When you put in a location to navigate to it doesn’t count down the distance to the next turn etc. like it used to (I’m on the latest update). I’m on holiday in Vietnam and using my watch for maps a lot, and it’s annoying having to constantly check my watch as I don’t know how far I am from...
  20. C

    iMessages intermittently delivered

    My watch hasn't been delivering iMessages to my watch reliably for the past year. All other notifications are delivered normally but sometimes an iMessage won't be delivered to my watch. Strangely, the notification centre on my watch will mirror that of my iPhone, only the iPhone having the...