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  1. L

    Do you think Watch Series 7 Will Have Glucose Monitoring?

    Rumours suggest that both the Samsung watch this year and the Apple watch are getting glucose monitoring. What do you guys think? Will it happen?
  2. P

    Did Apple Nerf 3rd party watch chargers??

    A couple days ago we had two apple watches refuse to charge. My wife's went stuck on the apple logo and wouldn't charge at all. Mine did the same and I left it overnight and it wouldn't charge the next day. My wife went and bought a new watch (hers was 3 years old and we just assumed it died)...
  3. F

    Apple Watch 3 Keeps Restarting! Help 😞

    Hey, there MacRumors community! So, my Apple Watch keeps Restarting over and over. All I can see is the Apple Logo and black screen. I tried draining all the battery, as soon as I plugin and it starts, it keeps this cycle of logo -> black screen -> logo -> black screen. I'm out of ideas :(...
  4. calliex

    I would like to erase all messages on watch

    Messages on the watch are not removed when deleted on the phone. You can only delete one at a time. Is their some hidden way to erase messages off the watch. Same goes for emails on the watch. I rarely try to read emails on the watch. Does build up of texts and emails eat up memory on watch
  5. P

    Lefties - how do you wear your watch?

    I'm left handed and I'm used to wear my watch on the right wrist, but with Apple Watch I'm having a hard time to decide how to wear it thanks to the orientation option which I never had with other watches. IMO it looks better with crown on the right side, but using it there feels a bit...
  6. D

    counter that works on an Apple Watch series 6

    I am looking for an easy counting app that works on an iWatch series 6. My PT is treating my TMJ and wants me to count how many times I touch my teeth together each day. I would like something I can add as a complication on a watch face and then tap each time I want to add a "clenching." I...
  7. darcyf

    Walk vs run

    About to try my hand at running now that the weather is warming up and thinking I’ll likely be doing a mix of running and walking until I get my running stamina up. Would you set your workouts to just run, just walk, or would you keep hitting the add button and switching back and forth between...
  8. darcyf

    Pause vs end, pause vs continuing workout

    Say for example I choose to walk rather than drive to the grocery store to grab a few things. I would start the walk workout and get to briskly stepping, then when I arrive at the grocery store I could either end the workout then start a new one when I leave, or pause and then resume when I...
  9. S

    Managing silent notifications

    This is probably something that can be set up easily but I'm still new to Apple Watch. I have a very specific way I want to use my watch. I want to have all notifications come to my phone (calls, messages, etc.) and have them delivered silently on my watch. For example, I receive a message on...
  10. A

    Resolved: Apple Watch won't show incoming calls

    Edit, resolved: Resetting the network settings on the phone fixed this. Not sure which of the other steps were necessary in addition to that. See reply #2 below for details. ----------------------------------------- So, one of the reasons I love the Apple Watch is the ability to take incoming...
  11. G

    Help me decide between 3 Watches (Slightly unusual use case)

    I need an Apple Watch to use as a viewfinder/camera remote, to help me record videos. My iPhone sits high up in a tripod, so I can’t see what I’m actually filming 😅. The health features/fall detection etc. are not important factors in my decision. Options: - Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm) The...
  12. drakula

    Series 5 Battery Drain

    So a very weird issue that has popped up over the last few days. I have a Series 5 44mm (Model A2095) running on WatchOS 7.2 (18S563). The last few days it's barely been able to get through the day. I put the watch on at about 8:20am this morning and it's currently at 10pm and at 6%. I just...
  13. hoodafoo

    Apple system icons for every device they ever made!

    If you go to Finder > shift-command-G, type /System/Library > Go > type kind:Apple icon image in the search box, you will see icons of every device Apple ever released Alternatively, you can do the same at /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources to view icons of Apple...
  14. T

    Fitness+ Has any one got Fitness+ 6 months free trial via Best Buy yet?

    Hi I got my Apple Watch 6 on launch day via Best Buy and it had an offer of 6 months of Fitness+ free with the purchase. I haven’t yet gotten the code for using this offer. Did anyone get the code and when did you guys order your watch on Best Buy? Thanks
  15. D

    Apple watch series 3 won't update to OS7

    Hi, I have an apple watch series 3. When my brother first tried to update from OS6 to OS 7, the watch turned off somehow. It booted again, but now it won't update to OS7. It downloads the update and then while preparing, it throws the error - "Cannot verify update, please make sure you are...
  16. M

    Itchy Series 6?!?!

    I’ve owned every single Apple Watch since series 0 and I love them! I ALWAYS buy the Nike edition however for some reason, this series 6 Apple Watch is causing uncomfortable itching on my wrist after a few hours of wearing. I don’t wear it too tightly, I’m using the same setting I’ve work on...
  17. B

    Charging on demand

    Hi all I have a apple watch series 5, had it for about a week now. Used to own a apple watch 3 ages ago but went over to android but now I'm back using apple. Anyway, my charging habit is to charge the watch for 30 mins each morning whilst I shower and get ready for work, this should last me...
  18. Apple fanboy

    November activity thread.

    My second month of Apple Watch ownership.
  19. W

    Trade in scam for Apple Watch Series 5

    I was upbeat receiving a $90 credit for my old watch series 5... Having ordered it online and then sending the old one back as required, they sent me a message claiming the trade-in value was $0 instead of $90... On what basis did they decide this on a perfectly good watch without any scratches...
  20. P

    Calculator Percent Function

    I noticed that after updating to Watch OS 7, the percent function is no longer present in the app... With the removal of force touch to select between Tip and %, it looks like Apple has exclusively left the tip function on the calculator app but not the percent. Very frustrated with this...