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  1. Wanted797

    Watch gave heart rate reading while on table.

    I’ve noticed for awhile when I’m sleeping the green lights of my watch come on on my bedside table and the battery drains fast than I’d say stand by should. To solve this I usually turn it off. Today I went the gym and didn’t wear my watch. When I came home and my phone came into proximity it...
  2. E

    Apple watch cellular model numbers

    Guys - I'm hoping to get this right as I've messed up before. I need to buy a cellular apple watch (band, etc doesn't matter) but need it to be cellular edition that'll work in India Are these the right model numbers or there are others I can consider too (just need the cheapest bands, etc)...
  3. Roman25

    No iMessage sound while Macbook turned on

    Hi guys, I have a Macbook Pro 15 2017, iPhone 13 Pro and Watch Series 5. The problem is that while my macbook is turned on, there is no sound or vibration of new iMassage on my iPhone not even on my apple Watch. I do not have turned on Do not disturbed or any of the focus modes. I have sounds...
  4. L

    Apple Leather Bands - Longevity and Patina?

    Hey guys! I'm thinking about getting an AW again. Leaning towards Hermes bands, but since the ones I likee most don't seem to be available right now, I'm wondering if you guys could share your experience with the Apple leather bands. How do they hold up over time, and how do they patina...
  5. S

    Switched from 44 previous gen to 41 series 7? Any problems with bands?

    If you switched from a 44mm previous gen Apple Watch to a 41mm Series 7, did you have any problems with the bands you already owned when installing them on your series 7? Does anyone know if either size of Link Bracelet actually works for both Apple Watch sizes? Have you tried your link...
  6. Username-already-in-use

    OK, so I bought my first ever Apple Watch

    It is a Series 7 45mm Starlight with sports loop. I have had it for 5 hours and I’m very happy with it. My head is spinning from how customisable it is and the various health features it has. Every hour goes by and I’m finding something else new and useful that it does and discovering it...
  7. Jon20001

    No charging after 8.3 upgrade

    Anyone else experiencing charging issues? I have a Series 6 I keep updated and have never had an issue. After the 8.3 update, my watch no longer charges using a third-party puck. Charges fine with Apple-supplied puck. Is it possible Apple added code to disable third-party chargers?
  8. S

    Sticker shock! $$ for cell phone plans… Looking for advice.

    I’ve been deciding which Apple Watch to get. That's been a fun exploration. Fitness functions, podcasts, weather, etc. would be good to have. Would particularly like the emergency calling function. That’s why I'm focusing on a cellular Watch and exploring cell phone options. An EKG...
  9. J

    Link Bracelet Plating / Color Change

    Does anyone know of a service to plate Apple's Link Bracelet space black/graphite? I have a stainless steel link bracelet from when I had a stainless steel watch a few years ago, but I recently purchased a Graphite Stainless Steel Series 7 and want to change the color of the link bracelet to...
  10. S

    Two people and One Watch…

    Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. In any case, does an Apple Watch have a way of tracking *two* people's walks separately? My spouse and I often walk at different times and it would be good to track those separately. Neither of us normally wears a watch, but we'd value the fall feature...
  11. sarosarosaro

    Confused about Apple Watch Series 7 purchase

    Guys, to put it simply I am confused. I was really happy to order the new 45mm green Apple Watch Series 7 and now that I watch all of these videos and I personally feel that apple used all the same internals and slapped a new screen (with other minor changes, fast charging, more durable, etc)...
  12. C

    How long does it usually take for 3rd party accessories to be available?

    How long does it usually take for 3rd party accessories to be available? I'm looking for some bands not offered by Apple and a robust protector when doing exercise.
  13. T

    Question: What’s your experience with launch-day stock of Apple Watch?

    Hey everyone, I pre-ordered my Apple Watch Series 7 in Gold Stainless Steel, but got a shipping time of early November. I’m thinking about coming in to my local Apple Store on launch day this Friday, October 15 and see if they have any. I’ve never shopped for Apple Watch on launch day, though...
  14. MikeDProducer

    In it for the health?

    I am currently not very active. I went to get into a fitness routine & that is a great excuse to get a new device that tracks your health. Basically that was my pitch to my wife about me buying a new watch. Haha it worked. I have a strong desire to get fit and do this and the watch will help...
  15. I

    Solar Dial - Display Latitude and Longitude?

    I currently have temperature, compass, weather, and wind shown on my watch face. I have looked throughout the options and cannot find any option that would display latitude and longitude instead of the compass feature. Does anyone know a way to toggle this or if it is even an option? Thanks in...
  16. P

    Watch is waking on wrist raise in Sleep Mode

    Hello everyone! Thanks in advance for any advice. So, I have an Apple Watch Series 4, when I put it into sleep mode in the past (either triggers on iPhone or watch), the screen would not turn on when detecting a wrist raise. I would have to touch the screen or turn the Digital Crown to...
  17. the.burn

    Red line between Display and Frame on Apple Watch SE 44mm

    Hi all, in direct sunlight, I spotted somewhat like a red „line“ above the Display of my SE between Display and the glas. I never saw this line before and as I mentioned ist only visible in direct sunlight. On my Series 3, I can‘t see such a line. Is this „normal“?
  18. W

    Urvoi vs the rest of AliExpress

    Was curious if you are a long time purchaser at the Urvoi store on Ali Express and what this store happens to do better than the other stores? The prevailing theory is that all the AliExpress shops get their materials from the same 2-3 places and ships them out under different names. What...
  19. jafico1

    Series 5 wrist detection not working at all

    Hey everyone, At the end of April, I cracked the screen on my Watch and as I didn’t have AppleCare, I got a new watch out of warranty. This has worked fine for the first couple of months, but around the end of May, I’ve noticed an issue whereby the watch wrist detection basically no longer works...
  20. haralds

    iOS 15 Warning: Series 0, 1, & 2 might not be compatible

    Series 0 uses watchOS 4.3.2, Series 1 & 2 uses 6.3. There are at least two reports that installing iOS 15 beta causes crash/boot loops that are not recoverable. I have been dealing with this for weeks first suspecting a bad battery. The watch will continue to cycle (sometimes holding for a...