1. S

    Watch-AppleCare-FedEx Nightmare

    Today I finally lost faith in any notion that Apple is superior in customer service or general business practice for that matter. Here is the rundown... Wife drops Watch Series 4 with cell, cracks screen (early March) but we have AppleCare. Take to Apple Store, can't get an appointment anytime...
  2. AlexJ092

    Best place to sell Apple Watch Edition?

    Hi Everyone, I have a Apple Watch Edition Series 2 (White) and I am looking at trading it in towards a new Series 5 Edition. Where would be best to sell? I have looked at Apple but when I put the serial number in it shows up as a Aluminium watch? Thanks in advance for your advise.
  3. M

    Streaming Radio

    Hello fellow Apple Watch users, To me, the Apple Watch has become my most important device, the fact it monitors my health and keeps me active in these important and challenging times. I also love music and realised there was a gap where, although you can listen to radio using Apple's own...
  4. J

    Longvadon watch straps

    I became aware of these through a promotion this luxury strap maker is running on another major Mac site. I was not eligible for the competition being UK based but I liked the look of their straps and the accompanying 15% discount the company was offering over the festive period. So I went...
  5. 1

    Apple Watch Calendar Missing Events - Am I the Only One?

    First, the tech specs: Apple Watch Series 5 with LTE, watchOS 6.1.1 iPhone 11 Pro Max, iOS 13.3 I'm posting this in hopes to hear that I'm not the only person with this issue. I have a strange problem, where the native Calendar app on my watch will not display about 90% of my calendar events -...
  6. docziandras

    Gold Aluminum/Aluminium Apple Watch Series 4 with Gold Milanese Loop

    Hi everyone, Can someone post me a picture of the gold alu Series 4 with the gold :apple: Milanese loop please? I've bought my wife a then current gold aluminum Series 4 last summer. The Apple original Milanese loop has dropped price since then but given that it is stainless steel, it is color...
  7. H

    Watch on Xbox One S

    Hello It's possible to watch Apple TV+ on Xbox One? I tried with edge browser but the video doesn't start. Any way to watch?
  8. jimmy_uk

    Series 6 - redesign?

    As many are pinning their hopes and dreams on a redesigned iphone in 2020, do we think the Series 6 Apple watch will get the same treatment? So if the iphone is getting a boxy flat edge design, could the Apple watch follow the same design language? Could we see a redesigned watch strap as...
  9. jjm3

    watchOS 6 / iOS 13 - Int'l Women's Day Activity Award craziness

    The new updates seem to give the 2018 International Women's Day award an identity crisis! It's now hollow in the "all" view, and has new purple confetti in the "close up" view. Hmmm....
  10. U

    Watch cellular does not ring on phone call if iphone is out of data network/ wifi coverage

    Apple watch cellular does not ring on a phone call if the iphone is out of data network or wifi coverage (assuming bluetooth on iphone is off). The watch rings only if the phone is on wifi or cellular data. Is it correct behaviour?
  11. coso

    Apps Can't install Spotify on new Apple Watch 5

    Anyone with the same problem? It gives me an error on the watch, and on the phone it just keep loading... already updated to 6.0.1 and rebooted both countless times.
  12. katbel

    Remove unwanted built-in Apple apps from WatchOs 6

    The new Watch Os 6 has Books and App Store that I really dont need it I already know I can delete Radio and Cycle , good and the others? I read on that the Os6 would let you delete Apple apps but how?
  13. N

    In this situation will Apple let me exchange for a brand new product or return and buy?

    Hello. I received my Series 5 Apple Watch Stainless Steel Gold w/ Gold Milanese Loop today from UPS (they didn't even ring my doorbell, just left the package on the ground). I picked it up right away and after setting it up for about 15 minutes I found a small knick on the left hand side of...
  14. S

    Series 5 - How Much Music Storage Space?

    Can anyone advise on how much music storage space there is on the series 5? I had a series 2 and you could only save up to 2GB of music directly on the watch. It is my understanding that the series 3 and 4 had the same limitation, even on the 16GB models, though I may be mistaken here? Has this...
  15. B

    watchos 6.0 bugs or feature?..

    1. Why change the design of the ring icon? Closed rings look like open rings. @Apple #CloseMyRings 2. Mickey Mouse does not say time when touched. Reboot the watch and Apple's instruction did not help. #MickeyTalk! #watchos6bugs
  16. ukbootlegs

    Activities and Watch Upgrade

    Upgrading my AW4 to AW5. Wife will upgrade from AW2 to AW4 If I unpair and pair, will it bring across my achievement history? i.e. move ring completed for 300 days etc. My wife will go mental if I lose her data and I’d be gutted to lose mine Thx
  17. KeanosMagicHat

    Migrating Data From Watch Series 4 to Series 5

    Having only bought the S4 less than 5 months ago, I had no intention of upgrading to S5. However I was then surprised by the Always On screen and this week also won a competition which would cover almost 60% of the cost of the S5 with the sale of the S4 making up the rest . . . so it’s decision...
  18. KeanosMagicHat

    Apple Watch Studio - Choose the Watch you want

    I sent feedback to Apple (as I’m sure many others did) when I bought my Series 4 less than 5 months ago suggesting that we should be able to choose exactly the Watch we want. This is now available online with Apple Watch Studio. At the time I’d have gone for the Silver Aluminium case but...
  19. joelhinch

    Series 5 w Leather Loop Pre-order

    Have noticed that the Leather Loop ship dates were always 8th October onwards. Did anyone manage to order a watch variant with a delivery date of the 20th with any of the leather bands?
  20. HumpDayMedia

    Brand new Apple Watch 3 will not pair with ANY iPhone

    So ... my step daughter today got an Apple Watch 3 for her birthday - but the setup process kept blowing up when attempting to update the watch. It would "pair" then ask for LEFT or RIGHT preference. As soon as you selected one or the other, it would say "could not pair" and it would unpair...