Looking for 3rd Party iOS keyboard that supports Hungarian

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by baryon, Dec 4, 2014.

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    I have a friend whose native language is Hungarian, and owns an iPad. The problem is, the iPad's normal keyboard does not have accents, and pressing and holding on a key, then selecting the accent is incredibly, bafflingly cumbersome and slow as hell. I'm talking about letters such as ü, ű, ö, ő, é, í, á, ú. The built-in iOS keyboard does have autocorrect for Hungarian, except it simply does not work and changes your correctly spelt words into completely different words for absolutely no reason. For example, you'd type "I like chicken" and it would correct it to "I liked chickens".

    Anyway, does anyone know of any lesser-known 3rd party keyboards that either specifically support Hungarian, or simply have a feature that has no dictionary and simply learns from you?

    Or better even, one that does NOT necessarily have autocorrect but has a proper Hungarian keyboard layout with extra keys for accents, or a customizable layout? All the ones I'm seeing now are relying on predicting words based on your language, but none support Hungarian so they're useless for our purpose.
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    I looked at the 3rd party keyboard topic and checked quite a few if they support the Hungarian language and these support the Hungarian language according to their App Store description:

    Swype universal version - 0,99 dollar, temporary full access needed for language download, after that you can turn it off again) - swiping and non-swiping possible

    Path Input iPhone version, iPad version - 3,99 dollar per version, no full access needed) - swiping and non-swiping possible

    ai.type universal version - free, no full access needed) - 'Normal' keyboard + permanent number keys and in future versions also swiping possible.

    Swiftkey universal version - free, needs full access rights to work) - swiping (only on iPhone) and non-swype possible

    Adaptxt universal version - free, needs full access rights to work) - swiping and non-swiping possible

    Fleksy universal version - 0,99 dollar, no full access needed) - is kind of different keyboard layout and does not support swiping words only quick access swiping

    I don't know if this means you also get all ü, ű, ö, ő, é, í, á, ú letters. For that you should try it out. Some keyboards are free (try ai.type for example) and others are payed. Or contact the developers via their websites.

    I have turned auto correct off completely (also for my Apple keyboard) because i also didn't like the changes/suggestions it made/gave.
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    Wow thank you! So there was an iOS keyboard megathread right before my eyes and didn't notice it, silly me. But this will all be very useful to me!

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