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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by Huntn, Oct 1, 2015.

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    I've been publishing guides on a variety of topics here at MacRumors for quite some time. Prior to the new forum software platform, the forum was based primarily on BBCode. The way I'd handle a guide, is to type it up in Pages using BB Code tags, and then post it into a forum message. It was very easy to go back and forth, between the two formats, because I was always using BBCode tags to format the text.

    But now, with the emphasis on Rich Text, I'm finding it is harder to manage guides conveniently keeping a Pages backup on my computer. If I type text directly to forum post and format it using the Rich Text editor, I can later copy and paste this into Pages to keep a backup copy, all formatting retained.

    However, if I edit the Pages document and then copy and paste the formatted text back into the forum post, the Rich Text does not make it into the forum post.

    Alternatively, if I type up the document using BBCode tags, and turn off Rich Text in the forum post prior to pasting the text, I'm finding that the tags/formatting is screwed up after switching it back to the Rich Text Format. For example the entire document might appear in the forum post as all bolded.

    And if you want to see a real horror show after pasting the BBcode-formatted text into the post, turn on Rich Text, then turn it off to see all sorts of multiple extraneous BBCode tags that have been generated and scattered about the document. This unfortunately does not make for a smooth backup process, going back and forth between my Pages copies of the guides and what is displayed in the MacRumors post.

    The ideal situation would be to be able to type up a Rich Text document on my computer, ideally using Pages, and then being able to copy/paste this into a forum post, without having to mess with a bunch of formatting corrections. And another time consuming issue is inserting links, having to use forum tools vs just typing them in with BBCode formatting. As I said, it appears the the Rich Text formatting including links is lost when transfering it from my Pages document, pasting it into the MR forum post.

    You might say, just do all my work in MacRumors, and then keep a backup copy in Pages but if I can't easily copy/paste from Pages back to the MRs forum post, while maintaining the formatting, then I don't really have a workable backup.

    Is there a way to tell Pages to preserve this formatting so that the MR's software will recognize this as Rich Text? Any workable solutions would be greatly appreciated. :):)
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    Jul 20, 2015
    All I'm saying.. > MacRumors > it's time for Emoji support! It's 2015..
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    MacRumors had emoji support, but lost it as a result of the switch to the Xenforo forum software. It's not a MacRumors problem, it's a general Xenforo problem (although there is a workaround).

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