Looking for some tips on trip to Portugal/Spain!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ravenvii, Nov 15, 2016.

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    So I'm going to visit Portugal/Spain for a week in January.

    I plan to visit Lisbon, Seville, Madrid and Barcelona.

    But I'm unsure of how long I should stay in each city. I plan to be in Seville for only one day, but other than that, how should I divide my week up?

    Names of places to visit are definitely welcome! Especially if it involves food :)
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    Barcelona- Some interesting architecture there. The single most impressive structure from an architectural and human endeavor standpoint imo is Sagrada Familia (a world wonder?) which can be toured. Casa Mila is also interesting, but is an office building that can't be toured.

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    Great trip! Bit on the shortish side but you'll know that.

    I can recommend checking out the district of Gracia
    in Barcelon. Lived there a good while and love it. Small narrow streets with a lot of small shops, cafés, restaurants, nice squares and so on. It's touristic (as the whole city) but not remotely as congested as the areas around ramblas. I'd check out the Eastern area between metro station of Fontana and Joanic. Good tapas can be had at th Placa de la Vila de Gracia. Place is called Nou Candanchu - nothing fancy but nice atmosphere.

    Also, if you happen to check out the Ramblas go to the big market and get some food / fruit drinks on the cheap. It's called Boqueria (mercato de..), the restaurants on the back side are said to be good but rather expensive IIRC and still next to a parking lot so I'd avaod that. The whole Gotico district is interesting - but take you're time since it's a maze and you'll get lost. When near the beach (not my thing but I guess people like it lol) and hungry: check out this Tapas bar. It's great. But again, take your time since it's always been extremely crowded when I was there. Really nice atmosphere imo but crowded.. ;) Bar Cal Chusco (in the Carrer l'Almirall Aixada)- The whole district is packed with small restaurants though, all serving mostly good tapas / fish.

    I'd say you should try to stay two days in Barcelona. But Lisboa and Madrid are beautifully too so it's really up to your schedule (are you hopping by train/car/flight).

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