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Feb 25, 2016
My IPad pro 12.9 review .

I got my iPad pro about a month ago and all I have to say is wow .. Wow because I felt that 12.9 would be a bit too big and that I would have buyers remorse after I got it. But to my surprise the size just melted away after about 3 days of use . I mostly do digital illustrations on this tablet and that was the primary reason I purchased it .

I had a Samsung Note 10.1 and was pretty happy with it back then. I sold it a couple of years back and got the Surface Pro 3, but the Surface had a really bad digitizer imho. The diagonals were wavy, jittery and drawing experience was not even close to the Note 10.1. I returned it after 4 days of use and din't have any tablet for almost 2 years. I just went back to my Desktop and Photoshop. Things were good, but not great. I am an CG artist by profession and I do digital illustrations for personal and professional purposes. I also had an art exibition of digital art in my studio and having to do illustrations on a PC really slowed down my passion and speed to continue doing it. I guess sketching on the tablet is my thing.
Then came the IPad pro, I was skeptical at first because I was an Android person and liked the fact that the Samsung Note 10.1 had a file system which allowed me to share my artwork as I wanted across apps. I had an IPad 2 many eons ago and there was no such thing as "open in another app". Things changed as the years passed .Now I use Goodreader as my file system app and have every thing over there which is then shared or copied to other apps .
Anyways in terms of Drawing and Sketching the Apple pencil is the next best thing to a real pencil. It's accurate, has no lag ( for a layman) and does not have the dreaded wavy diagonals and jitter issue. The best thing about Ios9 is the split screen thing that is similar to Windows 8 / 10 and I must say that this is where the 12.9 inches shines. I don't think the new little 9.7 inch iPad would be good for split screen as it would really make drawing cramped. The generous 12.9 is great for drawing broad gestures and strokes. Also the split screen helps in having a reference image up simultaneously on the side. The display quality is also insanely awesome and sharp . Apple really must have thought about this tablet keeping artists in mind and I think that they have succeeded .
I am a happy customer and happier that made the switch from a Samsung to an Apple Tablet .. IOS is flawless for tablets and the touchscreen way more responsive to other alternatives.
I hope these few words help artists make a better choice when choosing a tablet for doing personal and professional work.

P.S - Before the IPad Pro came out I had the Wacom Companion in mind. But its size, weight and battery life put me off. The Wacom in theory is great for running 3D Applications like Maya, Zbrush etc. but in reality it's easier working with a keyboard and mouse and a tethered Wacom tablet on a desk. Battery life too isn't great when you use powerful 3D Apps like Maya and Zbrush . So my conclusion was that Tablets work best for 2D illustration and Sketching work.

Apps I use on the IPad Pro 12.9 -
Procreate for Sketching.
Autodesk Graphic for Vector Art - logos and stuff.

Some of the artwork done solely on the iPad Pro 12.9



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May 9, 2006
I used to draw a lot in my younger years and have really drifted away from it. I tried early on to draw using some of the early iPad clunky styli and it was painful and quickly cured me of wanting to draw again. But I have to say that the Apple Pencil is calling to me with a new iPad and I have toyed with picking one up for that.
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Oct 27, 2008
iPad + pencil combo has helped me get back into drawing. I've had a Wacom graphire and an intuos over the years, but i never was able to fully adapt to the hand/eye disconnect.

I don't doubt the 12.9 canvas is the superior workspace. I got the 9.7 as I'm more of a casual user, and I like the idea that I can easily take it with me. For my needs and drawing style, I haven't found it too much of a limitation. :)

Awesome art btw!


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Jun 30, 2009
These are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing.

I've dabbled in wacoms and really didn't enjoy using them.

But man, I have been having an absolute blast on the iPad Pro with the pencil. It really acts like a pencil/brush and I'm really digging it.
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