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Apr 12, 2001

Astropad today announced the launch of new software for the Luna Display, with the 5.0 update introducing support for Windows PCs.


The Luna Display is a little dongle that's designed to allow an iPad or a Mac to be used as a secondary display for a main Mac machine. It's similar to Sidecar, but works with both Macs and iPads.

Luna Display users who own a USB-C version of the dongle can upgrade to the new software to use the device interchangeably between Macs and PCs. That means Mac users who have a Luna Display can also now use it with PCs, connecting a secondary iPad to a PC to serve as an extra display.

The Luna Display apps have been rearchitected to support both PCs and Macs, and the update also introduces a faster setup flow for M1 Macs. The Luna Display can be purchased from the Astropad website.

Article Link: Luna Display 5.0 Turns an iPad Into a Second Screen for a Windows PC


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Aug 7, 2013
I have one of those red dongles and a Windows 11 Samsung Galaxy Book. So Windows 11 on my 12.9 Ipad Pro.

My goodness.


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Aug 7, 2013
Ok I set it up. I'm typing this using a AMK and a M1 Ipad Pro 12.9", and Edge as a browser :D Windows 11 and a Galaxy Book Pro 15.6", which has the Intel gen11 and thunderbolt.

It works perfectly. Very easy also. I'm not sure if it's using wifi or USB at this point, but I have a USB cable connection. But it's a USB-A to USB-C hub, as there's only two ports on the Galaxy and that dongle takes up one, so if you want power.....

I'll try some other things. I have a Thunderbolt Hub that will work. Not on me though.

I like it. It just may be my new thing. No lag at all. Freaky. Having touch is awesome. Scrolling with the AMK trackpad doesn't seem to work. Maybe there's a settting. I've been using Superdisplay and a Galaxy Tab which works like this, that is perfectly, but this iPad blows the Tab away pretty much. Also, the AMK keyboard is nice. Will update this post after a while.

Correction, there's a USB-A port on the right side I never noticed. I'll try that, but I don't like those USB A to C cables. I think they have some issues with compatibility, at least with Displayport
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Aug 7, 2013
Splashtop Wired XDisplay
Thanks. Just tried this and it works. But I tested it with a iPad Mini 6, as Luna wouldn't connect like it did with the iPad 12.9". Options are good. I'll need to test these options.


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Oct 23, 2017
Chicago, IL
Will we get to the point that I can connect two iPads? I have a 2018 & 2020 with magic keyboard, and they are much easier haul around than my MacBook.


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Sep 22, 2014
Just use Duet. Zero lag with a wired USB connection to a PC.
Does it for you? I have a USB to lightning cable on a legacy iPad Air using duet and it’s so slow… I just put there some safari windows and only static stuff like a music playlist (Apple music or yourube) and that’s it.
It’s at 30fps, no retina, no tiny pixels resolution. It’s connected to a Thunderbolt Display back USB port. That TB Display works as an external monitor to a main iMac.

It works, usable, but I hate moving the noise there, it has a quite noticeable lag. Maybe I should try different ports and cables?

I haven't tried it but I always imagined it would suck.
(With regards to RDP)
I have used Remote Desktop on my iMac to connect to a windows office work computer and it works incredibly well… I guess that on a LAN would be even better.

That said, I have personally went ahead and bought Jump Desktop. There’s some convenience and easiness in having the connections ready to go via a personal account from any device towards any other device (Mac to windows, Mac to Mac, windows to Mac, iOS to windows/Mac, etc). When on a LAN it detects that, when remote it adapts to it… it works amazingly good.


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Oct 1, 2012
Just use Duet. Zero lag with a wired USB connection to a PC.
Just did a quick test. $10 for the app on my iPad Pro 12.9 2018 and used a USBC to USBA cable to connect to a Surface laptop 4. Pretty good results! I also have USBC to USBC (didnt try it yet as i am using the USBC port to charge it right now). Was surprised with the performance using that Usb-C to Usb-A. Good but for $10 bux! Thanks for the tip! Was able to use 60fps with the best performance setting.
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