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I recently got my hands on a Mac Mini 2011 off a friend however it seems to be suffering from the dreaded vertical lines. I have looked around however I can't find too much on it, especially blue-ish colored lines. The system will turn on, load with the Apple logo, it gets stuck around 3/4 of the way through the loading bar, the screen will turn black for around 2 seconds and then it will turn to a blank white screen for around 15 seconds then reboots and it will go through the same issues again.
I have tried to see if I can boot into a USB installer however it doesn't seem to work. When turning it on, the keyboard doesn't seem to work until it starts the Logo boot sequence so it seems impossible to boot into a USB.
I took open the system and everything seems all okay.
I have uploaded a photo of the screen I am getting. Is this the graphic chip problem or something more? The weird non-working USB slots for the first 15-20 seconds are rather worrying. Not sure if this a scrap job or something I am able to fix. Thanks for reading.


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