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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by scottwxx, Nov 2, 2018.

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    So MacRumors posted the first benchmark of the new Mac Mini 2018. Here's how it compares to my current machine, a Mac Mini 2012 (MacMini 6,2):

    Roughly 50% improvement in both single core and multicore scores. But the 2018 config costs $1,700 (32GB memory) compares to my 2012 config which costed $1,100 (mid-tier $800 + $100 self-installed 16GB memory + $200 self-installed SSD). I know the RAM amount is double on the 2018 config so I'll throw in another $100. So after 6 years, I have to throw in another $500 for 50% gain in computing power. Worth it?
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    Yes !
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    I'll make a car analogy, BHP. Break horsepower is the measure of energy coming right off the engine. You can have a $20k car with 300hp and you can have a $50k car with 300hp. The extra 30k gets you excellent ride and even better road control.

    So too, bench scores are a single metric of performance, the CPU. And so too, you can pair that performance with high or low performing components. The better the other components (which do cost more), the better the driving experience with the same power.
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    It all depends on what you are using the Mini for.

    Right now, the speed at which Firefox loads web pages is limited by my net connection and adblocker/pihole/ghostery help, where as a faster CPU really won't.

    However, if I am playing a modern game, that HD4000 GPU is the bottleneck. and the new mini will be faster, but not as much using something with a good dGPU.

    If I am recompiling a huge project, or transcoding a bluray... the new CPU is quickly worth it.

    If I am photoshopping HUGE images and having 32 or 64GB of RAM lets me keep it all in memory, then I see a huge speedup from RAM in addition to if the filters can use the latest AVX instructions.

    2012's still have current OSX support, so that's a non-issue.

    so.. It all depends on what you do to make it worth it.
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    At op you are wrong to compare the way you did.

    You self installed.

    So if I order the base model with the i7 up grade I am at 1100.

    A 128 gb ssd with 8gb ram. I can get 3 sticks of 8gb ram for 150.

    So I could have a 2018 with the i7 for 1250 not 1700.

    So 1100 vs 1250 would be a better price comparasion

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