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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Diogones, Nov 14, 2011.

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    Hey all,

    I have a Mac Mini with a dual link (read: no gaps between pins, not two DVI ports) DVI-I port on the back, and I would like to hook it up to both my TV and my monitor. I don't mean having a mirrored image; I won't have both displays on simultaneously. I just want to have both hooked up to the Mac at the same time, so I don't have to keep swapping out the connections to the DVI port, as it will save on wear and tear on the port, as well as be more convenient.

    Currently, I connect to the monitor via a single link DVI-I cable, and I connect to the TV via the Apple DVI to Video Adapter. Both work fine by themselves, but when I purchased this DVI y-splitter, and connected both displays to it, neither of them worked. What gives? Is it because the y-splitter is DVI-D to DVI-I, so that the initial connection going to the Mac is digital only? But even if this were true, the monitor would still work, right, since that's DVI? Or is it because the y-splitter is dual link, and both the TV and monitor are single link? Do I need a different connector, and if so, what kind?
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    dual link single link have no meaning in your case. you simply can't use a splitter. apple mini won't support that. you can buy a high end switch but I have found they tend to wear out.

    what is you exact make and model of mac mini ?
    what is your tv?
    what is your monitor?

    I am trying to see if you can use other work arounds.

    this may work

    full search gives costly results

    other option use 1 usb jack

    *************************************************************************************************************** < my best guess is use this
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    Thanks for your prompt and helpful reply philipma! But why does the single and dual link info irrelevant in my case? Is it because the Mini won't use either, no matter what?

    To answer your questions: I have a late 06' Core Duo Mini, with a single DVI-I port. My TV is an analog CRT with S-video and Composite ports for hookups. My monitor is just a generic computer monitor with both a VGA and a DVI-I port on the back, nothing fancy.

    Hopefully this information will help you figure out what my best setup should be. I had heard that a y-splitter with a Mini was not only possible, but supported. Does it just depend on the model? The USB idea is interesting, and I might pursue that if any other choice would be too costly.
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    UPDATE: Because I have successfully updated my Mac Mini's firmware from 1,1 to 2,1 I can now use the DVI monitor cable with the splitter without issue. However, the Apple DVI to Video Adapter still does not work with the splitter, leading me to believe that I will certainly have to find another cable, possibly one that is a DVI-I to two DVI-I splitter, rather than the DVI-D to DVI-I splitter that I am currently using.
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    Y cables and adapters are junk. They never work. You need to get a powered DVI Splitter (Part # DVI-SPL-2 ) if you are looking to display the same image on both monitors. If not the only option is to keep swapping cables.
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