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Oct 27, 2005
Been having trouble with my mini lately. It's ~6 years old and running High Sierra (I think — need to confirm when I get home).

Lately when I try to wake it from sleep, it won't wake up. I have to restart the machine in safe mode and THEN restart it again to get it to boot correctly. After that it works perfectly. I've tried zapping the PRAM but it didn't help. Hard drive was replaced about 6 months ago with a clean OS install on it. The drive isn't anywhere near full (again, brand new and it's a media box with nothing stored on it).

Any ideas? It's really frustrating to have to reboot twice every time I want to watch something.


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Apr 13, 2011
Anything you don't recognize as belonging there.

It occurs to me that in OS X, those things get executed well into the boot sequence.
So you should see something before they active.
Sorry, been thinking OS 9. -Way different.

Try this OSX Daily article:
Fixing a Black Screen on Wake from Sleep on Mac
It seems the fix may go all the way back to doing a System reinstall.
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