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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by PseudoGaucho, Dec 23, 2016.

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    Dec 23, 2016
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    I have maxed out my 2007 Mac Mini with memory and OS X LION 10.7.5. The system functions perfectly.
    However, the 2017 release of Turbo Tax (and I presume other applications) will not support this OS X and I cannot upgrade to what the do support. So it seems I have a perfectly functioning boat anchor when it comes to "only supports the latest releases of OS X" applications.

    Will the latest manufactured Mac Mini hardware support OS X future releases? The 2007 hardware is what prevents it supporting anything above LION. I don't want to invest in another mini that turns into a boat anchor in the near future. ?Advice? ?Counsel? ?Comments?
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    I guess it depends on what you consider "near future". The 2007 Mac Mini cannot be officially upgraded to Mountain Lion, which came out in 2012 - so that's 5 years. My late 2009 Mini (mostly retired now) won't run Sierra (2016), so that's 7 years. The current Mini model is from 2014 so if you get a new one, maybe OS support will end in 2019 and based on what happened with the 2017 Turbo Tax, maybe the 2023 version will no longer run on it. Obviously, a new Mac Mini Model will postpone when this will happen but who knows when a new Mini will come out. I would say that the odds are against a new Mini coming out before you need to do your 2017 taxes.

    If you want hardware with a longer OS horizon, Windows may provide that. It looks like Windows 10 won't run on a Mini 2007 because of the lack on a graphics driver, it looks like Windows 7 and 8 will. I don't think running OS/X and Windows (via Bootcamp or Parallels) on a 2007 Mini is a good idea, even if it worked. I don't know if that's a viable solution for you but maybe the only one that allows you to run Turbo Tax 2017 without buying a new Mac.

    People are also able to run Mac OSX versions on unsupported Macs. Maybe somebody knows how far a 2007 Mini can go with a unsupported OS.
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    OP: The latest Mac mini was released late 2014. It can run OS 10.10 to the latest release (Sierra).

    IMO, I believe the current latest Mac mini (2014) will be supported by new Apple macOS releases until 2019 based on what I have seen in the past, but only Apple knows for sure and they are not talking.

    I believe Turbo Tax 2017 will covered by the macOS options with the Mac mini (2014).
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    Maybe read through this thread, it would appear that your mini can be made to run a newer Operating system much the same way as we use to keep our macpro1,1s running and useful.
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    May 28, 2016
    Looking at the current rate, next year 2010 will be off the next macOS support and by 2019, 2012 will be out of the new update.

    Windows 10 does run perfectly on Mac mini 2007, you just have to swap out a Windows 10 disc during the reboot of the bootcamp setup. You will need a Windows 7 disc to start the bootcamp setup though. After Windows 10 is installed, just run bootcamp in Windows 7 compatibility mode and every thing will work.

    Installing newer OS X into other mac is almost like hackintosh. Next update might kill off something.
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    It's a sad day when you can run the latest windows os on your perfectly able Mac but can't run the latest version of Mac OS.

    Boardline ridiculous.

    This is the main reason I am waiting for a Mac mini refresh...I want the extra few years of os updates.
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    To all of you who responded; many many thanks, and I wish you all a most grace filled, happy, and prosperous new year (solar and lunar)!

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