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    I seem to be having a fair few issues, so I thought I would seek your advice.
    I have a new mac mini 2012 server with 16gb apple ram, and 256gb apple flash.

    1. When my Apple 30" ACD is plugged in, quite often the screen doesnt seem to come to life? I often have to remove the cable from the thunderbolt/MDP and the USB and re-attach them to get the screen to come to life.

    2. Wifi problems.
    I bought a brand new Airport express to run my families apple devices on (Previously I had used an ethernet connection and then the share wifi option from an older 2010 mac mini). And now I have a whole slew of issues trying to connect certain devices to the wifi / net with the airport often showing full bar in the top bar ... yet when in Airport utility, it can often show a internet connection, yet no airport connection? and other times I find that the I can connect to the express box but no internet connection?

    3. Internal space.
    When I originally purcahsed this a few weeks back, I had hoped it would come with 2 drives (as it was originally configured with 2 x 1TB drives) but found that when you upgraded to SSD they removed both hard drives ..... So I have ordered a new hitachi 1TB drive for it and an iFixit installation kit, but wonder if I should return this mac mini before opening her up and installing an extra hard drive? (any ideas?)

    Last but not least.
    My final hope was to have an external drive for storage and backup.
    I have a newertech Ministack, which I hope to put either a 2TB or 3TB drive in.
    Does anyone have any recommendations on non SSD drives for this external case in 3.5" ? As I havent kept up with the latest drive information lately.

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    return your machine. start over.

    you have a lot of problems you won't like to hear about.

    I suspect a bad cable or a bad jack as to your display issue.

    Ministack interferes with your wireless net. this is a known issue.

    But wait there is more. the apple installed ram is insanely overpriced. get a mini without apple ram buy your own and install it. I don't know how to shop in sweden but crucial sells ram amazon sells ram there must be a good source to buy aftermarket ram in Sweden. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS APPLE RAM IN YOUR MAC MINI. Apple buys ram from ram builders and puts it in. Then marks it up 3 fold or 4 fold . Putting ram in a mac mini is easy. Next why buy a server mac mini? it is costly.

    here is your store look at the screen shots one machine has a 256 gb ssd and 4gb ram the other machine has a 256gb ssd and 16gb ram they are 4000 kr different in price.

    the one you paid 4000 plus kr more has a 200 kr server program and the ram. if you really need the program you can buy it. I have to think that you can find 16gb ram for under 2000 kr.

    I found the server app cost 149 kr

    I would return the new mini and buy the one for 4000 kr less. buy an external like this.årddisk-för-mac?fnode=5f

    find 2 sticks of ram for 2000 kr or less.

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    Don't know if this will help, but I know seem to have to turn off my monitor (HP 22" DVI HDMI-DVI) when the computer is a sleep or when I wake it up. When I power on the monitor as I have pressed the space bar to wake the machine works.

    Did not have to do this on my 2011 Mini. It worked without having to power cycle the monitor. Same monitor.
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    But I got this in the US and had a friend bring it over to me.
    (thus saved a packet and went to town)

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