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Discussion in 'macOS Sierra (10.12)' started by Liat, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Liat macrumors member

    Jun 20, 2016
    I understand that Apple does hate desktop computers since Steve Jobs ascended to a plane suits his skillset, however, I’d still expect hibernate to work considering how well the company hibernated its whole Macbook Pro department.

    The sole reason I upgraded to sierra was a desperate hope that some genius programmer managed to fix the only standby mode that even works on free OS and computer combinations that can’t deal with "soft" sleep.

    Hibernate was my saviour since my retina iMac developed the habit of waking up times when we both should had been sleeping. Yeah, we live together, we work together, and we are supposed to sleep together, not in the same bed but in the same time.

    This machine that I love much for everything else, has brought sleep deprivation into our relationship.

    (Yeah, I tried all the settings before switched to hibernate.)

    Yosemite is such a powerful OS that my iMac can wake up herself even from hibernate. Yes, I can tell the difference between sleep and hibernate, and I saw it with my own eyes how it woke up from hibernate for nothing, even though my USB mouse can’t wake her up from that (which is okay, I’m just telling it wasn’t a mouse + minor earthquake). There is no ethernet cable connected, power nap was off, and still.

    This wouldn’t happen if the monkey worked on the kernel code has had ended the freaking hibernate routine with a shutdown call instead of a freaking deep sleep.

    (It’s easy to tell. When I hibernate her then magic trackpad click can wake her up. When I hibernate then disconnect the power cable,then reconnect the power cable, trackpad won’t wake her up anymore but she still restores her pre-hibernate state on power button.)

    At least she used to before sierra. Since I downgraded from Yosemite to this disaster, there are two options:

    1. I try to hibernate (by sleep) and she crashes.
    2. I try to hibernate (by sleep) and she goes to sleep. Even though hibernatemode is 25.

    $ sudo pmset -g

    Currently in use:
    standby 0
    hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage
    powernap 0
    networkoversleep 0
    disksleep 10
    sleep 0 (sleep prevented by UserEventAgent)
    autopoweroffdelay 0
    hibernatemode 25
    autopoweroff 0
    ttyskeepawake 1
    standbydelay 0

    It seems that Apple finally managed to remove the redundant hibernatedelay. Unfortunately, the coder-einstein also removed the whole hibernate thingie.

    I hope they have a version control system and they can restore it one day.

    Any idea until that? I do wake up when she does.

    PS: Seriously, does this company have testers?
  2. halfbad macrumors member

    Apr 20, 2014
  3. RiderX macrumors regular

    Nov 9, 2012
    After some fiddling as well, hibernate is fine on my Mac Mini. I do not sleep, hibernate immediately, triggered at night.

    :~> pmset -g
    Currently in use:
    standby 0
    Sleep On Power Button 1
    womp 0
    autorestart 0
    hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage
    powernap 0
    networkoversleep 0
    disksleep 10
    sleep 0 (sleep prevented by mds)
    autopoweroffdelay 1
    hibernatemode 25
    autopoweroff 1
    ttyskeepawake 0
    displaysleep 10
    standbydelay 1
  4. Liat thread starter macrumors member

    Jun 20, 2016
    Hello halfbad,

    I didn’t have all of the issues of the two first posts, however, I just had a bad one.

    My late 2012 rMBP 13-inch went "Are you cold? Let me help you" mode after 1 hour of sleeping. There was no USB device or HDMI cable connected, and the magic mouse was turned off. The laptop was below a blanket. I try to not imagine what could have happened if I wasn’t there.

    This has never ever happened until today.

    I’m thinking how wonderful company Apple is by not taking any advantage on Samsung’s self-destructing Note 7 phones. It can be only the altruistic act of fairness that they released mac os sierra capable of almost the same feature.

    I have had the rMBP’s battery replaced 3 months ago. Apple also replaced the circuit next too it. I wonder how long the new battery will last if this happens a few times, and how good investment it was.

    By the way, the mBPR was unresponsible, I had to press the power button for 4 seconds to stop it. The screen was black the whole time.
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    Your settings are almost the same as mine, and I tried both sleep 0 and 1.

    My iMac also hibernated and restored itself the last time. This just shouldn’t be a special event to celebrate.

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