Mac OS X Server 10.2 or 10.2v3

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    Does anyone know of an active link where I can download a bootable version of Mac OS X server 1.2 or 10.2v3? I've been looking around for this one with no luck.
    I've tried eBay and haven't seen a single listing on this for some time now.
    Any help will be eternally appreciated!
    By the way. I've been also looking for the right disc image of Mac OS 8.6 and found one in the macintoahrepository site but my Power Mac G4 (AGP) does not boot from this disc. I guess it must be corrupted or maybe I didn't burn the CD the right way but it seems to be ok.
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    Ouch. Good luck. I have all the MacOSXServerUpdates to 10.2.8, but no initial server install discs (can't find them), only client. I have some 10.1 Server discs.

    I found a set of 10.4 Server Install discs including serial number.

    And... I found some System 9.0 install discs... (incl. 9.1 Update and 9.2 Update). And a set of System 7 floppies.

    Just out of curiosity, why not install Snow Leopard Server?
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