Mac Pro 5,1 ATI 5770 Graphics Flickering

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by whartung, Mar 27, 2016.

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    I did some digging and got a variety of responses, so wondering if anyone can give me any clarity.

    I have a new to me 2010 Mac Pro. Worked great for the past few weeks I've had it, no issues at all. Today, I opened it up just to show a friend the processor tray, popped it out, popped it back in, same as I've done, and when I rebooted, my screen was flickering, with occasional split second artifacts, and "snow" appearing on dark parts of the screen. Tried unplugging and replugging the monitor and no improvement, even sometimes with the audio (Apple LED Cinema Display) getting this odd static sound.

    Restarted and cleared NVRAM - no help.

    Turned off, pulled graphics card, unplugged and replugged it, reseated it, no help. Did it again being sure to properly seat, no help.

    Some of the things I've found implied the graphics card is just old and the thermal paste is either toast or the heatsink is clogged. Went to check the GPU temps with iStat Pro, but can't find any GPU related parts. Opened the side of the case when the computer was running to confirm the fan was spinning, and it was, not even especially fast.

    Question to you is, is this related to me removing the CPU tray earlier, or is that just somehow coincidental? Is this the GPU overheating? Should I look into replacing the graphics card? Should I be troubleshooting by pulling memory or what-have-you to see if I can hone in on the problem, or does this issue sound like it is 100% ____________ (fill in the blank) which is responsible for it?
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    As i was reading your post, the first that popped into my mind is to remove processor tray again, clean contacts between it and motherboard as best as you can and then try again. Thats when the all problems started anyway, right?
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    I have certainly seen this with a poor DisplayPort connection. Not sure if you have dust, etc, that could be in the miniDP port on the GPU?
  4. whartung, Mar 27, 2016
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    You know, I didn't check that - I did plug the monitor in to my laptop to make sure that it's cable worked fine and the display wasn't at fault. Didn't check the connector side on the GFX card though.

    Worth noting, however, the 2nd miniDP plug never seemed to work on the Mac Pro when I got it, but since the other port did I didn't bother myself with it much.

    EDIT: Checked all the connectors, none had any visible issues whatsoever.

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