graphics issue

  1. Dededed01

    MacBook Pro 13 2019 Two Thunderbolts Graphical Artifacts

    I have some strange artifacts on screen without any visible reason. They appear like flashes for a part of second, sometimes a number of flashes in a row. No heat, no movement, simply while it is standing on the table. It happens not really often and that's why I can't just take it to service...
  2. A

    2017MBP with AMD 560 GPU Running VERY Slow on GPU Benchmarks?

    I got a new top-model 2017 MBP on Friday from Apple because they tried 3x to fix my 2016 MBP keyboard and failed (with the last attempt, the old issue was fixed but the new issue was that each time the TouchID was pressed (not touched), the whole computer froze and had to be force-restarted). I...
  3. FlyGuyDEN

    New iMac 27" 5K (4.2 i7 Radeon Pro 580 1TB SSD 16GB RAM) Graphics Issues (Update-being replaced)

    Hi- Just opened up my new BTO iMac and have discovered this iMac does NOT like playing certain games. Lego Star Wars (Force Awakens) set at 5120 res and also Battlefront Pacific-both purchased from App Store-make the computer shut down or, worse-make a LOUD popping sound from the back of the...
  4. emilykgoodman92

    White screen with grey fold with a "?" flashing

    Last night I had a major problem with my 2012 15 inch MacBook Pro. All of a sudden my hard drive starts making a loud clicking noise and then after several minutes the device completely shuts off. I try to power it back up and I get a white background with an icon of a file folder with a gray...
  5. rschiess

    2011 MacBook pro dead GPU with EGPU?

    Has anyone seen anything where someone has successfully taken one of the famous 2011 macbooks with a bad graphics chip and used it with an external GPU instead? I could really use some tips on how/if that can be done. Thank you.
  6. kevinakerberg

    Resolved 2011 27" iMac Overheating Issues

    Hi everyone, I bought a used 2011 27" iMac outfitted with the 3.1GHz i5-2400 processor, 8GB of RAM, the 1GB HD 6970M GPU, and the standard 1TB hard drive back in December of 2016. The machine was very well taken care of and had no issues. It even came with all of the documentation, keyboard and...
  7. J

    13in MacBook Pro - graphics problems on startup

    My husband and I replaced our 6 yr old MacBook Pro's in November 2016 and have BOTH been getting major graphics problems on screen at startup. The screens simply flash with weird graphics. We have been to Apple shop and had a GeniusBar appointment. We showed them videos of what our laptops...
  8. T

    MacBook Pro 2011 Graphics Issue

    Hello all, My issue is that on the startup screen there is a section of distorted pixles that flashes up for a few seconds, you can see exactly what I mean in the photo attached (note that the green tinge does not occur anymore) This is a early 2011 MacBook Pro. I have added a Samsung SSD 840...
  9. surfnode

    Mac mini (Late 2012) Distorted Graphics

    Hi, I have a Mac mini (Late 2012) with graphics distortion problem. 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 16GB Ram As you can see in the video its quite messy. I've also noticed that the Mini is running quite hot (currently 70c) This appears to happen most when Firefox is open, enabling hardware...
  10. gabe_lio

    Linux on my old PowerMac G4

    Hello, On my old powermac g4 I attempted to install Ubuntu Linux on it. Once the installation finish I rebooted the computer. everything seemed to be fine, it was booting properly. then the screen just went black and stayed that way. I did a little research and I figured out that it was...
  11. R

    Safari Graphical Bug

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anybody faced the same graphical issue (see the file attached below) in safari browser. It shows up quite often and extremely annoying :( I have seen this issue since the first day of my rMBP 13" 2015 use. The OS X version: El Capitan from 10.11.1 to current...
  12. W

    Mac Pro 5,1 ATI 5770 Graphics Flickering

    Hi, I did some digging and got a variety of responses, so wondering if anyone can give me any clarity. I have a new to me 2010 Mac Pro. Worked great for the past few weeks I've had it, no issues at all. Today, I opened it up just to show a friend the processor tray, popped it out, popped it...