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    Apr 14, 2011
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    Nov 3, 2011
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    I'd just like to pass on my review of Mac2Cash

    I found their service to be excellent, the arranged a courier (UPS) to come and collect the laptop and a time chosen by me. They arrived early and collected the laptop.

    The next day I had an email confirming they had received the laptop and they were just looking over it. I had forgotten to put in the restore DVD and they asked wether I had it or not. They also included the revised price for the missing restore disk which was £10 less.

    I accepted the new price and they sent the cheque the same day. I then got the cheque the next day in the post.

    So overall it was 3 days to send, check and receive payment.

    Excellent service, highly recommended.
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    Oct 20, 2010
    Helpful, but beware UPS

    Sadly, all was going well with my MacBook Air 11" in excellent condition.

    Packed it up - well - and sent it off. Mac2Cash emailed me with notification that there was damage to the LCD screen. Well, not when it left there wasn't - I had a photo to prove it.

    Long story short, UPS took back the package and decided that it wasn't sufficiently well packed (it was in the ORIGINAL box my new Macbook Pro arrived in days earlier, with a very sturdy hard corner pieces "suspending" the unit (which was in a sleeve inside corrugated cardboard, inside another corrugated box, etc. etc).

    So now I have a MacBook Air no-one wants, because of some minor damage to the LCD screen. UPS are claiming no responsibility, Mac2Cash - while helpful - can do nothing.

    Wish I'd gone to eBay, frankly.
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    Jun 8, 2011
    I will chime in on this,

    I have a 2012 15" Retina with the following upgrades

    512gb SSD
    2.6 i7
    16gb Ram

    They offered £576

    I just thought I would see what they where like, to be brutally honest I would rather throw it in the bin than take an offer like that.
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    Jul 30, 2012
    WTF? Am I reading this right? Is this a 1993 post? What is a cheque? In the smail mail?
    I know the stupid French are still messing around with some paper with signatures, but you are not French are you?
    Next time ask them to send an envelope with old grey ladies in it.

    Some parts of the world are still in the stone age apparently, and parts closer than I would have imagined.
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    Feb 13, 2011
    While I do not like cheques either, I find that some companies like to use cheques specifically because they are slow and unreliable. It means the money will stay in their account longer, and if somebody forgets to cash the cheque, or loses it - it's only to their benefit.

    All I can suggest is use Fedex next time. I once had to ship a rather large and expensive piece of equipment and unfortunately it was seriously damaged when arrived at the destination. With detailed pictures and copies of invoice to prove the item's worth (it was fully insured, too), it was a very smooth process to get the claim settled. Fedex sent me a cheque (yes, of course, it had to be a cheque) within a couple of weeks for the full insured amount ($1500). I wouldn't trust any other carrier when shipping goods of significant value.

    That's about half of what a laptop like that would fetch on eBay. Not entirely unreasonable considering they are offering a wholesale price and will be reselling it for profit, not using it. I wouldn't expect any of these "we buy used computers" companies to offer anything more than about 2/3 of the average price the said computer would get when sold to an end user. Your choice: find a buyer yourself and deal a potential PITA customer, or get less money with less hassle.
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    Jun 8, 2011

    I have checked ebay, and similar spec laptops range from £1400-£1700.

    If you think that is not unreasonable you either work for the company or enjoy being shafted.

    I'm in no need to sell my laptop, as it is more than adequate for my needs and I have 18 months AppleCare left on it.

    But to say an 18 month Apple laptop that cost £2500+ is worth £576 is an absolute p**s take, I would strongly advise people that needed money that desperately to sell there a**e first.
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    Feb 13, 2011
    I don't enjoy getting shafted, but I don't expect anything else from a company like that. I'm not saying they are offering you a good deal, quite the opposite, but there are enough suckers in the world to take their kinds of offers. If you want a fair price, you'll have to sell it yourself, be it on eBay or through local classifieds, if you're in a large metropolitan area.

    That kind of laptop is sold for around $2000 from the United States, prices on eBay UK vary, but not much more than £1000. Make sure you look at actual completed listings and not just active ones with high Buy It Now prices.
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    Jun 8, 2011

    $2000 new? anyway I had a god look on ebay UK and they go for much more than £1000, even for auction.

    All I am saying is that is a terrible offer, from an obvious terrible company. I liken it to a payday loan business model.

    But if anyone has a similar spec laptop, I would be more than happy to offer a 10% premium on a Mac2Cash offer :D
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    Feb 13, 2011
    Who said anything about new? Used, just like your own computer.

    It is a terrible offer, just not a surprising one. Just a couple hours ago I was reading an ad from a payday loan company while waiting for a bus. These guys offer the equivalent of 600% annual interest for short term loans. If it was up to me, I'd line them up against the wall and shoot them. I think it's quite a humane way to deal with this, considering I'm not promoting torturing them first ;)
  12. SimonDK macrumors member


    Jun 8, 2011
    That is why I put a question mark, I was not sure why used prices would be much lower in the UK than the US.

    $2000 dollars is roughly £1250.

    At least we fully agree on the payday loan companies, I see it as both are exploiting the need for some people to generate money quickly.

    If I was to put my laptop on ebay, a one day listing would get me more, and quicker, even if I had 2 idiots not pay.

    I understand a need for a business to turn a profit, but more and more companies are milking the general populous. Look at stub hub for instance what an absolute joke that is, 9/10 times they are charging more than the scalpers used to charge on eBay.
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    Mar 11, 2014

    Hi all,
    i'd like to put my own take on Mac2Cash. I used their service last November (2013) and really can honestly say i have had zero problems with their services whatsoever. I entered my MacBook details into their site, got a reasonable quote and waited for the UPS man to come along. The UPS courier service detailed when the chap was gonna arrive and the fact I had a freepost label was a massive bonus. I sent the package off on a Friday morning and started to get emails from Mac2Cash the following week (they seemed to be automated) detailing that a) my mac had been delivered then b) sent for inspection and c) approved for payment.
    I've sent items off for recycling before and don't normally get an email until my goods are either paid or they need more detail, so this level of contact was very much appreciated.
    I then got the agreed amount popped into my PayPal account within a day or two.
    I appreciate that the packing can be a pain - i grabbed a few rolls of bubble wrap from wilko's and wrapped it up massively - maybe a touch more than needed but better safe than sorry.
    Overall, massively pleased with the service and i would recommend them again or use them,
    (MacBook Aluminum 2009 - bought for about £1000 - sold for £210 - best price i had seen online given the age of the item) :D
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    Mar 14, 2014

    I have used mac2cash and found the whole experience excellent. I packaged my computer in the original box. It was duly collected as arranged. When my computer arrived at mac2cash, I was informed straight away by email. When the computer was inspected they emailed again to confirm everything was fine and I was asked if I wanted payment by cheque or paypal. I then received another email confirming payment was going ahead and then a further email to say cheque had been posted. In all an excellent service which I could not fault. This is the first time I had experienced such a detailed service. I wish other companies would follow mac2cash's example.
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    Nov 25, 2005
    Voted up for your suggestions about pay day loan companies, especially your humane approach.
  16. Nick Gillard, Mar 14, 2014
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    Sep 17, 2013
    I don't usually post about my own business but I cannot help but dispute the claim that because we offer to buy products below potential full market value, we are a "terrible company"!
    Unlike any other computer trade in site I have seen, mac2cash is completely open about the service we offer. From our web site FAQ ...
    "Is this the best price I could get?
    Probably not. If you are prepared to sell your Apple product on the open market i.e. eBay, you may well get a higher price. Our service is designed for those who don't wish to, or know they will never get around to selling privately and want a quick, simple and risk-free way of selling their Apple product."

    Our site gives a quote in seconds without the user having to know any technical details of their machine, and can book it in within a minute. Courier collection on the day you choose is free. It's as simple as it can get and the polar opposite of the time consuming business of selling privately.

    I understand why many people would not choose to sell their Apple product that way but the fact that so many do (and many have done so repeatedly) demonstrates that there is a need for this service. We provide this service with honesty, efficiency and customer service as we do for our main Apple parts business, The Bookyard. Difficult issues can always arise outside our control, like items damaged in transit, but they are rare and we deal with them fairly and honestly.
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    Jul 26, 2012
    Lanarkshire Scotland
    I've been offered 425 for my 2013 mcbpro 2.66 ghz it 8gb ram 512 pci ssd

    Considering going iPad Air only which I've had for a few weeks.

    Going to try Air for a few days for reading news/making keychain payments and surfing -more news.

    I think I do not need both devices t.b.h.

    Mac2cash offer isn't bad at all, Ive been using this MacBook 28 months no probs at all.
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    Jul 26, 2012
    Lanarkshire Scotland
    1st mac4cash update since 1st week July.

    Was initially quoted 455 from mac4cash.

    Then received e-mail reduced offer 150

    Politely declined and took delivery tonight from a local courier pick up store.

    Currently upgrading to Sierra pb1 again,guess I'll have a few betas to catch up with.

    All data retained and simple to restore existing iCloud account.

    I'll prob keep macbook until a decent upgrade maybe sky or Kaby lake.

    Alternatively try selling via-bay route as described macbook is full working condition with NO water damage as suspected via mac4cash.

    No complaints though as their courier service was excellent on collection and return delivery free of charge.
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    Dec 14, 2015
    West Cost A Lot
    Don't throw it in a bin. Donate it to a local charity. My favorite are job skills charities. The clients/students are making an effort to be better and they will put the tools to good use and be appreciative. The specifications on the device you mentioned are not very old and will be very helpful to a student's needs.
  20. Donfor39 macrumors 65816


    Jul 26, 2012
    Lanarkshire Scotland
    What an excellent idea CrytalQuest76.

    I must spend some time searching local charities.

    Maybe a student can make use of this MacBook...

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