macbook air 2013 and mavericks install

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by TreRep, Oct 6, 2013.

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    hi i have a 2013 haswell macbook air

    i will install mavericks when it comes out

    how can i do it?

    do you suggest an upgrade or a clean install?

    i could restore to mountain lion from the recovery partition and then immediatly upgrade to mavericks...

    if i upgrade to mavericks my restore partition will be forever with mountain lion or will it upgrade also ?

  2. gr8tfly, Oct 6, 2013
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    First make sure all updates and firmware are current before proceeding. Check permissions using Disk Utility, Make a Time Machine backup. (If not, you can make a disk image "clone" backup while started up on Recovery Partition using Disk Utility's Restore function (making absolute sure your target is correct. Before starting a Restore, run the Disk First Aid "repair" on the target drive (your SSD)).

    Personally, I always like to have both types of backups completed before a dot update or an upgrade.

    Then, I would suggest doing an upgrade to Mavericks. I really can't remember a time where I've had any trouble with this method. However, with the backups, you can always start with a clean install, followed by a migration from your Disk Utility Restore image backup partition.

    There's not much downside to the upgrade route, since you always have the option of a clean install if you actually do run into issues.

    When installation completes, the Recovery Partition should have also been upgraded. I've been describing a typical Lion (10.7) or later upgrade or install, and haven't done a Maverick 10.9 myself. I can't remember anything about it which would change the above, but those who've gone through it already feel very free (and welcome) to correct me.

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    The only piece of advice I'll give is make sure you have a backup of your system. If something unforeseen goes on and you lose your data, you'll have at least a backup.

    The odds of this occurring are remote but its always good to play it safe.

    I think with the past few versions of OSX, there's no issues with going the upgrade route.

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