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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by kcross, Jun 12, 2009.

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    Jun 8, 2007
    I just noticed that this is in the wrong forum, please feel free to move it.

    Some of you may recall this thread from a few years back,
    it seems as if I've had the same problem. Better yet I got the same initial response from Apple!

    Here's my short story.
    I bought a mid 2007 macbook 2.16GHz from a mac retailer on Maui. I had some cracking on the case and took the computer in for repair some months later (the same store performs service). I had cracks on the side and bottom of the case. I got a call back saying that despite there being no evidence of abuse that Apple would in no way repair or replace the bottom case. After reading around on the internet I saw much of the same story.

    Fast forward to one month ago, I am now in southern CA, so Apple stores are again accessible. I see that Apple is now replacing cracked cases even for out of warranty macbooks. Today I get around to swinging by my local Apple store, and am told a two part explanation. The cracking around my rear vents would qualify me for a replacement bottom case, even though I learn most people had cracking in the keyboard surface, not the shell. But, because of the bulge that had developed under one of the cracks on the bottom for which I originally took the computer in nothing will be replaced!

    After insisting they take a closer look, and reconsider because the bulge clearly caused the crack (not to mention that there might be safety and/or additional warranty concerns), they take my notebook to the back, and after a few minutes the man from the genius bar reemerges and tells me that the bulge was caused by an impact! That the outward bulge was caused by me striking the bottom. I make a point of telling the man this is a physical impossibility for a number of reasons. I ask what is underneath the bulge, but no one can tell me anything except "nothing important".

    In the end I set up an appointment for tomorrow. I said I wanted them to take apart the macbook and show me the area underneath the protrusion.

    Sorry for the long-winded post, but I though I could get some advice from those who have dealt with Apple before. I've included pictures as well, but it is exceedingly hard to photograph.

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  2. bphillips macrumors regular

    May 31, 2009
    Wow man, that sucks.

    Well, just so you know, Apple can either be really nice to you, or they can be bitches.

    Try going to a different Apple Store, and tell them EXACTLY what happened.
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    You know this is the MacBook Pro forum, right? Not trying to deliberately be an ass, but now that the 13" MacBook is pro, its gotten really crowded in the MacBook Pro/Powerbook forum.
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    Jan 14, 2008

    After reading the FIRST LINE in his post, I'd say he realized it. He even asked to have it moved!

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    I assume you don't have Applecare on it--and that may be the basis for them denying you--though if its a known manufacturing defect that shouldn't matter. Try to find documentation on Apple's website (preferably) or from another credible source showing that this exact defect is being repaired out of warranty. It just may be the manager isn't aware of that particular action that Apple has taken. Start out being very friendly and slowly get firmer as you work up through the hierarchy--but be polite.
  6. kcross thread starter macrumors member

    Jun 8, 2007
    The good news! If anyone else ever has this problem I can offer a probable cause. The screw securing the airport card was in contact with the case. After some haggling debate about the nature of the problem Apple agreed to replace the bottom case free of charge, even though it wasn't their first offer. I'll have to send it off, but who couldn't use some time away from a computer.

    The bad news! I took the computer home as to make a backup before it's sent off, but it won't turn on now...

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