Macbook can't connect- pc can?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Music_Producer, Nov 17, 2006.

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    Having a bit of trouble with my macbook's internet connection.. I have a wireless router set up.. and everything was fine when out of the blue my macbook lost the internet connection. So I reset the router.. turned everything off.. tried everything for 10-15 minutes. nothing worked.

    I checked my pc laptop just on a whim, and it was able to access the internet. :confused: I connected the cable modem directly to the macbook via ethernet cable.. and it still wouldn't go online. What gives? :confused:
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    Oct 29, 2006
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    When you tested the PC, was it also direct to the modem?

    I ran across this recently: There was some connection issue and the user reset the wireless router. This cleared the PPPoE login settings. It took a bit of detective work to figure that out. All I got was "I connected the PC to the modem, and it worked. But, if I connect the Mac directly - it won't.

    Part of his troubleshooting was to connect the PC directly to the modem. I found out the ISP helped him create a network device on the PC, which had his PPPoE login settings. So, of course it now worked directly to the modem. Then, he continuted to try the default network setup on the Mac, which of course, didn't have PPPoE.

    Once I got the router set back up with the PPPoE login, changed the network device on the PC back to "full auto" and reconnected with the Mac, everything was fine.

    Don't know if this relates to your problem, but some part of it sounded familiar to me.

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