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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by alb18, Jun 13, 2011.

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    Jun 13, 2011

    First, I should say that I'm new to MacRumors, so I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong place; I had a good look round first and this seemed right...

    About a year ago we bought a new MacBook and it's been pretty great apart from one thing. I think it was this past March that we first noticed that it was having some charging problems and was also getting overheated. We took it to an Apple Store where the guy at the Genius Bar replaced the power cord but could find no problems that would explain the overheating. Sure enough, everything was ok for a while until this past week when the overheating started again and the charging issues have come back worse than before. Last time, I read a lot about Macbook charging issues and it seemed to explain what was going on with our Mac, but this time it's different. Having read a few articles, we backed it up and then let the battery run way down and then plugged it back in to charge and things improved a little. But, we're now at the point where it will only charge if it's tilted at a certain angle or, ridiculously, if it's held! As soon as we put it down, it stops charging!

    Way back in March when we took it to be looked at, I had noticed a clunking noise inside the machine, but the guy there said he didn't hear it or see anything unusual when he looked at it. The clunking is still here (it never actually went away) and sometimes I think that it needs to "clunk" before it'll charge.

    So, I suppose I'm just asking if anyone has experienced this before...I would say 'is it normal?' but surely, having to hold your computer like a small child so that it'll charge up, isn't a Mac feature?! Any ideas what to try?

    Thanks in advance for your help and I'm so glad that this forum exists!
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    No its not a feature. I doubt Apple put an iTilt in the recharging system;)

    Anyways, to solve the problem, record it on video. Once done that take it to the Genius bar for service. They will try and reproduce the issue. Here is where the video comes in handy.

    Many times the issues don't happen in front of Geniuses and they tend to dismiss you since you can't prove it. But since you will have the video of the issue as a back-up, they will have to help you.

    Anyways, once the issue is reproduce they will take it in under warranty repair (assuming you have AppleCare since you mentioned it is a 1+ year MacBook).
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    Sounds like an issue with the MagSafe board. If you didnt take out apple care its a really easy job to do yourself. Here is a guide to help you.
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    Are the contacts between the computer and the battery clean?

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