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Macbook Pro 2014 Screen Goes Black, Requires Forced Restart


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Aug 24, 2017
Hey everyone,

I have a problem with my Macbook Pro 2014 model, and I have looked everywhere I can with no luck. The laptop used to work fine until few months ago, and now randomly (or maybe when it is under average amount of load), the laptop freezes and the screen goes black but is still on (I know this because the Apple logo on the back is always alight), and it stays black for about 10 seconds then it shuts off and I need to restart it. In this state, nothing works, I tried for example lighting up the keyboard but nothing happens.

Usually when this happen I need to let the laptop rest for a while (even thought it is not hot). If I don't let it rest, the problem will reproduce minutes after restarts.

When it has rested for about an hour, it can takes hours for the problem to occur and sometimes it happens in about 20 minutes. I believe it has to do with the workload I put on the Macbook Pro but I am not sure. This was never the case, I use to run heavy software on it (IDEs) and still performs well, now even 5 tabs in Safari and iMessage can produce the problem.

I even checked the CPU temperature and the fans (through software) and they all look fine. I have no idea how to proceed, I wanna get as much info as possible so I don't need to send it for repair, as the shop said it will cost minimum 80 Euros and I know it will cost much more (I went there just to replace the footing of my laptop and they said it will cost 150 Euros), as a student, I can't really afford this.

Is there anyone who had this problem? Or anyone has any troubleshooting ideas?

Thanks a lot for the help.
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