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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Dave245, Feb 6, 2016.

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    I currently have a 2011 MacBook Pro which by now is aging (5 years old), I'm thinking of waiting until the Mackbook Pro's come out later this year (2016.)
    From the current rumour mill I keep hearing that there will be a redesign and they may also come with 4K displays, which I find hard to believe considering it would be such a battery drain. However I'm also torn between sticking with a MacBook Pro or getting the new MacBook 12" when it is updated (hopefully this year) I might be tempted to even try a MacBook Air if Apple put retina displays in them. I've only ever had the MacBook Pro (the 2011 was my first MacBook before that I was a Windows user) so I don't know how the Airs or the new Macbook 12" compare.

    What do you guys think? And what do you think we will see this year in terms of MacBook hardware?
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    Only keep in mind that the MBP 2011/2012 unibody 13'' and 15'' are the last ones user upgradeable once bought - in terms of extra RAM, new HD drives and even removing the superdrive for a second HD. Some of the MBP retina are user upgradeable with new HD-drives - but not in a second bay so it ends up as a more costly affair.

    If you have not installed a SSD in you MBP 2011, you could consider that and get 2-3 years extra usage of your investment.

    I've upgraded mine with first RAM (16 gb) and the SSD/second bay (500 + 750 altogether). Especially the SSD-updgrade was a night and day experience. Even as a heavy user (lightroom and photoshop + windows under Fusion), I dont feel like lacking any power yet.

    My only reason to upgrade would be for a 4K-monitor - that would be nice.

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    yea i have the 15" unibody 2011 Macbook Pro. The main reason i'm thinking about upgrading to a new Macbook this year is because of the retina display (which the 2011 doesn't have) the SSD and because I've heard rumours (which may or may not be true) that there will be a major redesign this year.
    The retina screen alone might be worth it, as a writer and someone who uses the split screen feature in OSX El Capitan everyday (one of the best features Apple has added) with both internet pages, photos and or writing software such as final draft, a great screen is high up there on my list.
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