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Macbook Pro (2019) 13 inch - Different Screen Quality?


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Jun 25, 2007
2 weeks ago I bought a 2019 MacbookPro 13 inch (1.4ghz/8GB/256GB). I was hitting the 8GB limit too easily, so I ordered another one with more ram (1.4ghz/16GB/512GB), and I am returning the 8GB model.

Yesterday I was setting up the new 16GB one and I had the 8GB one next to it and on the 8GB model, the screen is much brighter and colorful.

I thought I was losing my mind, so I checked the display settings, and both are set to the same color profile and auto-brightness is turned off with true tone turned on.

I have the brightness levels set the same on both of them. But on my 16GB the display looks muted, darker, and not as colorful when compared side by side to the 8GB model.

Does Apple use two different suppliers for their screens and should I return the 16GB model since it does not look as good as the 8GB? I don't want to play the screen lotto, but I am really disappointed.


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Dec 8, 2008
This is interesting. I have observed very noticeable differences between the displays of the 1.4 and 2.4 machines in the store, but didn't know there were differences even within the 1.4 models.

Would be curious as to out of the above command.

BTW, what kind of apps were you running that made you feel 8 GB was not enough?


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Apr 11, 2018
It is pretty inevitable not to see differences when two same model machines are side by side. Even max. brightness can vary even 100-200 nits. For example when reviews measure models where rated brightness is 500 nits you can see measured values in sample units are anywhere between 400 to 600 nits. Situation with white led backlights is also that their actual color temp vary from lamp to lamp so that makes also difference in colors and grays. Filters used in panels to make colors are pretty stable in quality usually panel there are still differences from manufacturing process hence the panel lottery term often used.
Also panels are not necessarily from the same maker, so more differences in that case.

The only way to make two panels appear nearly identical is to individually calibrate them to match, but even then another will be brighter if running it at max, brightness and contrast does not appear identical if panels are much different in the begin with.

To make sure if your two units even have the panel from the same maker is with that ioreg command.
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