MACBOOK PRO EARLY 2011: White screen, this's what I have tried...


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Jul 2, 2017
Hi everyone

I am using MacBook Pro early 2011. I have upgraded it awhile back with an SSD and 16 RAM. It's running the lasted Mac OS, MAC OS Sierra.

My issue started yesterday, my MacBook Pro screen started to flicker and switch the image many time as my monitor. I had one plugged in (An example image would be this:

RIGHT NOW, every time I turned my MacBook Pro Apple logo will load then I see a white screen.

BTW, Apple changed my motherboard or the graphite card awhile back because a manufacturer issue.

What I have tried:

1. Rest NVRAM.
2. Rest CMC.
3. Verbose mode.
4. Recovery mode. It will load the the Apple logo then go into white screen.
5. Internet recovery. It will load the globe then go into white screen.
6. Cmd + s.
7. Apple hardware test both regular and the extended one. It said no trouble.
8. Single user mode.
9. Switch the ram with the old one. Tried to leave just one.
10. Tried to boot using a usb had the os x on it. I can choose the usb to boot then see a white screen.

When I run the Macbook Pro and hit option, it will show me the ssd.

EVERYTHING I had tried will just lead me to the white screen. I tried to plug an external monitor and saw the white screen again.

Do you have any suggestion? please help!


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Jan 23, 2017
I assume your model is a 15 or 17 inch?

Unfortunately, it sounds like you have already tried most of the standard troubleshooting steps.

If yours is a 15/17, I would take the unit to an Apple service provider and request they perform the Video Switching Test.


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Apr 21, 2007


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Nov 25, 2015
Hello everyone

I have baked it in the oven. It works!

Thank you so much for everyone one especially Ries :)

p.s. I forgot the original account password so I replied from this one.
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